My Opinion of Valentine’s Day [posted 2-14-07] [Anti-Valentine’s #1]

13 Feb

I’m completely indifferent to this “holiday.” I wouldn’t get decked out in black and cry about how it sucks to be alone. I also wouldn’t wear pink and talk constantly about how great my significant other is–making everyone else feel like crap. I’m not all bitter because I happen to be single–I wouldn’t celebrate this day if I WAS in a relationship. Just ask my exes. Anyway, I don’t think a holiday should make people feel shitty about being single. Yay for you if you can be independent.

I swear, hearing girls constantly talk about how they didn’t get anything is more than I can take. If I hear one more girl complain about the gift her boyfriend got her, I’ll. . . I don’t know, talk crap behind her back. Just this morning I was in the hair salon (ps-the wrong place to go if you don’t acknowledge valentine’s day) and all the girls were like “all of us got flowers-yay!” By the way, flower shops jack up the price to ridiculous levels. . . The girl helping me, was all sad and said-“I didn’t get anything” (boo-hoo). Another girl said, “yours just came!” My girl was like, “they’re probably from Hi-Vee. . .”

Fractured–like her heart

Ugh-it’s disgusting how even the financial pandering to the ladies can’t mitigate their competitive bitchiness that day! Guys just can’t win. Oh and speaking of dudes. Really, what do they get today? Candy, sex? C’mon, when they have to temper the bad stuff?  They break the bank buying jewelry, and flowers, and plan something romantic. Mostly, guys just get a lot of shit from their GF, b/c they didn’t do v-day well enough–sick. This holiday certainly isn’t for them.

Do we really need Hallmark to tell us when to treat our loved ones nice? I prefer people to treat the people they love wonderfully, every day–and don’t TELL everyone in the world about it!

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