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Crying During Commercials

16 Jun

I have been in veterinary settings since I was eleven years old.  I’ve seen trashy people that could not take care of themselves, let alone their pet.  They show up bare foot with a train-wreck problem and no money.  It’s a bad time!

I think maggots crawling out of wounds or orifices are my least favorite thing to encounter in the veterinary world.  It makes me itch all over and it has a certain horrid smell.  You know the animal must be miserable—which I empathize with.  All you can do is shave and clean the area, it really doesn’t seem enough!

I’ve seen horrible accidents and animals in serious pain.  I mean, limbs ripped off, or chain collars that have all but decapitated the poor dog.  I’ve been there when pets died, and seen even the toughest owners weep about it.  Sometimes my job is pretty tough.  You sort of have to tune out—just to keep a healthy psyche.

Despite seeing real-life animals every day at work, I cannot even open my eyes during those terrible animal commercials they show on TV.  You know the ones where they are asking for donations?  That Sarah McLachlan commercial makes me cry—I really hate seeing it.  They’re probably not even real—but staged to look that bad to gain sympathy and money.  That new polar bear extinction commercial is terribly heart-wrenching as well.

So good job advertisers.  Your money was well spent–you got me, and I’m a hard nut to crack.  If I HAD any money, I would certainly donate it to your cause.  As it is, I’ll just have to go to vet school and do my part that way.