Love Lost (My First Blog Poem) [posted 2-27-07]

17 Jan

I should have listened to that inner voice

That told me we were not the same

Instead I made a stupid choice

And brought myself into your game

I attempted to learn to love you

Willpower alone can’t spark love’s flame

Your persona blinded me

I wasted time, it is a shame

After the breakup, I started to see

You were evil–your heart is lame

I mourned my innocence lost

A jaded person, I became

I was broken until our paths crossed

Infatuation was immediate–we both came

It seemed fated, things were different this time

We were the same

I was untrusting, it was a crime

You broke it off, and I left you with full blame

I was upset, but started coping

Your post-breakup behavior appalled me–it was not tame

I cut all ties, I started hoping

That with distance between us I would remember your good name

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