Mean Spirited? Maybe. [posted 1-22-08; edited 1-14-10]

17 Jan

It’s all in fun!  Here’s a list of nicknames I’ve conjured up:

Hannah, Can’t Hit the Pit (a reference to pole vaulting)

My Asian Roommate

Crazy Mary


Douche-bag Dana (I went through a douche-phase, ok?)

Saucy Sarah

Crack-Head Henry

Alke Upstairs

Dirty Sanchez

Myspace Alicia


Bossy Jocie

Eye-candy Monday


“nice” Justin

Fake Bitch


Suz, but only in my head.

The Hairdresser

My Boss (Mad-Dog Mary)
The M’s
The Ghetto Brothers

There are certainly more–maybe I’ll include them later!

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