Missouri Loves Company [posted 4-22-09]

17 Jan

Far, far away from my parents, and the independence that affords me

Going out in public without being recognized. . .  And judged-gerr

Living in a progressive, college town

My awesome job/salary/benefits at Noah’s Ark (minus the 5 people I do not like)

Work a short 2 minute drive from my apartment

Lack of wind!

Festivals:  Pumpkin-Fest, Anchor-Fest, Wurst-Fest, Pride-Fest, Earth Day, German-Fest

Relatively inexpensive gasoline—cheapest in the nation

Auto shops within walking distance of my apartment and work

Humidity, and the full hair it gives me

Seasons (especially fall)

Swimming pool at my apartment—or in the town, for that matter

Trails (complete with shade and mile-markers) for walking, biking, and running

The Central time zone (I wake up at 4:45 AM and go to bed at 8 PM now)

Small temp differential between day and night—NV gets COLD after dark

Naturally growing grass and trees everywhere you look


Restaurants and bars- Murrays (and their beautiful carafes of house red), Shakespeare’s Pizza,

Coldstone, Tropical Liquors, Sub Shop, Saki (2004-2006), BD’s Mongolian Grill, Flatbranch, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bangkok’s Garden, Teller’s, Addison’s, Penera, Aritisan (2004-2007), Sycamore, Harpo’s, Kobe, Bread Basket, McNally’s

CoMo Homo Showmos (2004-2006)

Downtown nearby

No need to put on lotion

Community recreation

Rain storms (though not when I have to be out IN them)

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