Pig Latin [posted 2-4-08]

17 Jan

At Noah’s Ark, all the animals I work with have names.  Not the case in the swine chambers at the University.  I decided to rectify that situation.  Here’s a list of pig names I’ve conjured up:

Straw, Stick, and Brick

(from the building materials of the 3 little pigs)

Porky, Spider, and Treat-Heart

(last name:  Pig)

Pinky, Napoleon, Snowball, and Fluffy

(for those that read, bonus points if you can name the books)

Razorback, Spanky, and Wiggly

(the lessor-known cartoon pigs)


(as in sooo-ey, to call the pigs in)

Bank and Miss

(Piggy, of course)


(I had to include at least ONE of the Pokemon pig-things)

Oscar, Meyer, Pork-rind, pork-chop, and bake-o

(cause lets face it, that’s what they’re going to become)

Wilber, Piglet, Babe, and Gordy

(my least favorites, as they are clichéd at this point)

That’s 26.  Can we brainstorm more???

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