Love Poem/Potential Song

31 Jan

Will we love despite our past and because we discovered attraction so fast?
Can we always be true to ourselves and break out of our protective shells?

To you, I can never get close enough
With you I promise to never be gruff
Neither of us having to act so tough
Your advances I will not need to rebuff

You are fun even when mundane, you and I are different but exactly the same.
I never want to leave your eyes, never wanna make you cry.

Hearts full despite being damaged and bruised
Knowing with each other war tactics will never be used
The nagging doubts in our heads forever removed
We realize together our souls are fused

I always want to kiss you, always wanna be in bliss with you.
Your touch gives me nice chills, and your lovin’ gives me ultimate thrills.

I love that we are on the same side
Now that I’m on, I never want to leave this ride
You have my heart open wide
There’s no one else, my affections are occupied

Spending forever with you, never doubting your love is true
We can trust each other, know that eternally I am your leading lover

One Response to “Love Poem/Potential Song”

  1. slpmartin January 31, 2010 at 3:40 AM #

    A love poem that reminds me of the beauty..thanks for sharing this deep emotion.

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