I Got My Bangs Trimmed + vocab

30 Dec

When I lived in the yard of the Cabin-Mansion, my schedule was diverse:  I worked at Dayton Valley Veterinary Monday, Friday, and some Saturdays, and I got home from class in Reno at 9 PM on Tuesday and Thursday, and 8:30 PM on Wednesday.  By the time I got to the Cabin-Mansion after class, stale Kim and Mary would always be in bed, lights in the house dark, so I would be unable to get in the bathroom.  Mary had been adamant about staying out of the house if the lights were off–and I did not want to see or hear my long-time friends, employer, and authority figures getting symbiotic, so to speak.  Unfortunately, this meant I would have to use the old-fashioned bathroom at UNR to floss and brush my teeth, pee and otherwise get ready for bed. . .  An hour away from my place.

One night I came back to the Cabin-Mansion (dark inside as usual) got my pajamas on, and sat at my lap-top to get some homework finished, when I heard a knock at the door of my dated fifth wheel.  Surprisingly, it was Kim and she seemedirritable.  I was confused why she was at my superannuated door instead of in bed with Mary, and immediately asked, “Where’s Mary?”  I can’t remember her exact words, but it was something to the effect of “Getting her ‘hair cut'” punctuated my air quotes and in a peevish tone of voice.  Then she fallaciously added, “For the last three hours.”  I thought it could be plausible–Mary often got her hair washed, cut, and highlighted and that could take a while.  When I mentioned this deceptively attractive excuse, Kim said Mary wasn’t due for a dye yet–this was just supposed to be a cut.  Then  I understood why Kim was so puling–Mary was with “THE hairdresser” past their (Kim and Mary’s) bed-time.  I didn’t suspect foul-play at that point, and assumed Mary had just had a tangential route home, or was engaging in legitimate business, or could be speciously chatting with one of her “fans” in town.

Kim asked if I wanted to come out in the yard and have a glass of vintage red wine and chat–she tried to sound casual.  The evident worry and wine were mutually helpful in getting Kim to open up to me–which happened only rarely.  Over the wine Kim told me of past transgressions where Mary left Dayton Valley Days (I think that was the occasion) with the hairdresser to spuriously “check on the vet hospital.”  Mary had always credited herself with being more perspicacious than anyone else, so I guess that is why she was so blatant.  The excuse seemed sophistic when they were gone for hours, and Kim imagined they were having a  rendezvous.  I suppose Mary underestimated Kim’s astuteness and cheated right under her nose without worry.

I had been appalled when I heard the about the blot on Mary’s seemingly perfect record, because it was the first time (aside from letting the pharmacist-friend kiss her when she was much younger) I had ever heard of Mary’s devious side.  I asked Kim if she had confronted Mary about the incident and she said, “You know Mary” meaning we all knew she would be unapproachable about it and would be indirect if pressed for details.  Mary was also very keen-witted and could probably concoct a plausible reason for the time-consuming visit to the hospital.  It was Mary’s job to be sagacious at work–she could easily think on her feet.

Kim seemed more helpless in the situation than depressed and sniveling–I could tell she felt stuck.  I secretly thought maybe Kim was querulous and paranoid for nothing–certainly Mary would never stray from Kim, they had always seemed the perfect couple to me.  At that time, there was no hard-proof to stain my high opinions of Mary.  Aside from that, even if Mary WAS cheated (which I doubted) she would be much too shrewd to leave hard-evidence.  As a matter of fact, Kim and Mary’s association was so close they had been known to exclude everyone else.  As we were drinking, Kim’s whining disappeared and she appeared to be gearing up for a confrontation.  We heard the car and saw the variegated colors of the yard illuminated by Mary’s headlights just before ten (an hour past the regular bed time).  Kim dumped the remainder of her wine on the lawn and told me to hide my glass to avoid bringing up bygone fights between her and Mary about the drinking.  Even without evidence, I was willing to bet Mary was intellegent enough to figure out some drinking had more than likely taken place.  I simply remained at the table, politely observing–this was not the first time I had hung out with Kim and/or Mary and I didn’t really think anything serious would happen.  I also did not feel intrusive, because one I lived there, two, Kim had invited me outside, and three, I had supreme confidence it was just a silly misunderstanding that would be sorted out quickly.

When Mary came around the corner, stepping into the yard, I saw her looking nervous and oblique, something I had never observed from her in all the seven years I had known her professionally and personally.  Mary, always tastefully dressed was wearing her normal type of clothes:  khaki pants, some sort of blouse or button-down, and probably a vest-jacket or something like that.  She was also chewing gum–something I had never seen my proper boss do before.  When Mary saw Kim and me sitting in the yard she visibly started and glanced around nervously, eager to deflect the inevitable questioning.  Her body language alone was enough to besmirch the perfect standing she had achieved in my mind.  I thought she would address me, usually being socially correct but my boss and friend ignored me almost completely.  She said, “I didn’t expect to see anyone” or something to that effect, spuriously because she was surprised, not because she felt guilty.  It made me feel awkward to view my boss this way and I suddenly felt inappropriate (andmeddlesome) for taking in this highly personal spectacle between a married couple–but it was too late, I couldn’t just get up and go inside at that point.

When Kim asked where Mary had been for so long, Mary twitched nervously and evaded the question by saying, “Getting my hair cut.”  The plain hair was an instant tip-off and opprobrium to the truth of Mary’s excuse.  That moment was the turning point that tarnished her image for me.  Since the hair looked no different then it had that morning, Kim looked doubtful about the illusory story and asked what had been done to the hair.  Mary’s eyes flickered over the yard, to the door, to Kim’s face, then mine, and she looked especially displeased that I was witnessing this stigma.  I was definitely unwanted at that moment–I was stick and rivited to the scene unfolding though.  Looking wholly uncomfortable, eyes darting about as if to find some route of escape, Mary repelled the question with, (and this is a direct quote), “I got my bangs trimmed.”  Other than that Mary chose not to embellish the preposterous story further.  Immediately and entirely, my boss and mentor’s former image was defiled.

She recovered somewhat and attempted to ward-off Kim’s accusing stare and tried to stride quickly inside prehistoric-style Cabin-Mansion.  Except Kim placed herself between Mary and the door, feeling no cooperativeness or sorrow for her wife’s unease.  Kim was cloying, but it was obvious she was on the offensive when she said, “Come closer and let me get a look at your new hair.”  I could see Mary stiffen, all interdependence between her and Kim vanished for the moment, as Kim went to touch Mary’s unchanged hair.  I assume, Mary didn’t want Kim to see details of the hair, because it would disprove Mary’s misleading tale and (in Mary’s mind) sully Kim’s image of her as a faithful and loyal wife.  It was no secret that all three of us knew that Mary’s story was tainted with deception.  With brusque motion, Mary all but ran inside the kitchen door, too taken aback to even offer me a courteous hello or any acknowledgement.  My being there had been officious to her, now she wanted me to leave more than she had before.

I could no longer place so much respect in my boss, and rationalize Kim’s worry was just a spoof, after I had seen Mary’s nervousness for myself.  She would not be garnering any more admiration from me either.  Kim gave herself a quick pep talk to amass confidence and to be tough, and got ready to battle Mary’s evasive answers inside the Cabin-Mansion.  She told me not to blemish her upper-hand by bringing the wine glass inside or handing it to her–she said to take it in my fifth wheel and bring it inside the Cabin-Mansion later.  With that she followed Mary into their superseded-looking house.

I was shocked how Mary’s attitude had varied from everything I previously knew and expected out of her–she had been fully discredited in my mind.  My opinions of Mary were now slanted.  This was not my responsible employer, decorousfriend, or loyal wife I had known the first time I had worked for (and hung around) Mary.  I also couldn’t believe my normally quick on her feet, intelligent boss had given such a spuriousmisleading story either–obviously there was elaborationmissing from that explanation.  Without realizing it, I had acquired a quiet contempt for one of my (former) heroes.


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