Will Work For Food

30 Dec

Or free–as the case may be. . .


Is it so unreasonable to expect one:  payment, and two: training for a job?!  God damn it!  It seems like every veterinary hospital I get involved with throws you into the work sans training, but expects you to read their mind.  Just because I have experience, doen’t mean I know how your particular hospital does things!  That, and/or they want you to “train on your own time.” Yeesh, why???  Is any other business run this way, or just vet hospitals?  I find the lack of probity appalling–do I expect too much when I want to be paid for each hour I am working?

You know the stories of “As the Ark Floats,” crazy Mary, and that last place (so bad the name will remain unspoken), but Seattle too?  I handed out 9 resumes and got 4 calls back.  The one place even told me they weren’t actually hiring, but my resume was so good they wanted to hold on to me.  I found this to be promising, and put a lot of stock into this prospective job.  This place had me fill out an application (complete with veterinary school admissions-type essays) before interviewing me.  Then, I had a long interview.  After that, I figured I was good to go—nope, they asked me to come in from 8:30 AM to 6 PM today for a “working interview.”  I figured it was just a formality to make sure my resume was accurate—it is.  No, first thing this place had me do when I walked in was sign a form saying I would not seek payment for any hours worked!  Where is the integrity of the veterinary profession???  I would have walked out then and there if I didn’t have rent to consider.

So I’m working for free, (no morality, I tell you) mind you, and it’s my very first day.  The kennel girl is having me do things, and the supervisor is asking me to help, very basic stuff.  They asked me to clean a kennel.  I did then I put their mat in it and started to put a towel over that.  No, no no—I was stopped.  I was doing it ALL wrong.  They reprimanded me and said to use a flat towel, not one that has the gathered edges.  I found this a little nit-picky and annoying, but complied immediately and without complaint.  When I put the (FLAT) towel over the mat, I tucked the front under the mat, but folded the edges under itself—but not under the edges of the mat.  Again, I was told I was doing it completely wrong!  Really?!  Is it THAT dire that I am micromanaged on putting a towel in a kennel?  Another example of the day-long nit-picking was at the end of the day.  I was removing the cage doors, scrubbing them in the bathtub, rinsing them, then stacking them in the tub to dry, as I was taught to do in the morning.  My superior came and asked me to “fix” my work—cage doors were to be stacked vertically in the tub, not horizontal.  Who the fuck cares???  I wanted to scream.  What’s the difference?  I left with a searing frustration.

I’m not going to put with this crap again—that is, unless they’re paying me well.  I can put up with some nit-picking ONLY if I’m making good money to do it!  I do have my price. . .  Also it sticks in my craw that I have to write moving essays showing my moral fiber, interview to show admissions committees my virtue and dedication, and then the businesses themselves have no uprightness!  What the hell does school care about my rectitude if the practicing veterinarians lack it entirely?!


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