Compromised Ethics

31 Dec

last Thursday:

-“Baxter” Reid has pneumonia.  breathing seems slightly labored.
-Even though vitas are highlighted on the chart, so it is the rule to do them, Jen says not to do them, to avoid stressing the dog.
-Despite this, Jen (on her own accord) decides to pull bloodwork.  She pokes the dog in the neck at least 4x.

-An appointment comes in and Jen procedes to do the extraneous lab work, even after I ask for help checking the client in.

-“Boo” was hit-by-car and had an injured left front leg.
-Jen places a catheter in “Boo” Masters leg, even though it was blubbed lower.  It is very swollen.
-“When Boo’s owner comes in to pay the deposit, visit her dog, and talk to a vet, Jen forgets all decorum and proceeds to count a differential for 15-30 minutes, while the owner waited.
-Dr. Hittenmiller decides to knock Boo out to mess around with the broken leg.  He calls down-stars from the apartment.  Jen administers IV drugs and preps for surgery.  She tries to intibate and the dog struggles.  She gives 3cc of drug and still can’t intibate properly.  She puts the tube down the dog’s esophagus repeatedly.  Still unable to intibate, Jen calls upstairs to get permission to give more drug.  Without coming down to help, Dr. HM oks another cc of drug-no modesty here.
-When Dr. Hittenmiller comes down, he sees the IV leg is swollen (it’s been on for 5 hours).
-Dr. HM also sees the tube is in the esophogus. . .
-He manipulated the leg around and decides the other doctor needs to do the surgery.  4cc of drugs for nothing!  I found his actions negligent and wholly inappropriate.  They call Dr. Swalander to see if he will do surgery. . .

-Jen gives acepromazine to Meyers when they came in for phenobaritol.  The owners went camping and were unreachable.  Apparently Ace CAUSES seizures.

-“Hank” R, the 7 lb chihuahua with possible parvo comes in.  Jen is attempting to draw blood.  Dog tries to bite, and Jen scrufs the dog’s neck!  Any tech that knows restraint at all, knows there is no propriety in scuffing a dog.  Hank bites her (rightfully so).

Some time overnight Heather had hand-written on the schedule that I was on call every Saturday until mid-July, starting tomorrow.  I saw this at around 7 am.  It says on the bottom of the schedule not to hand-write anything ON the schedule–everything has to be submitted in writing to Heather and approved by Dr. Hittenmiller.

Anyway, of course I had called the groomer (Tuesday, the 16th @ 11:37 am) and made Anja and Tucker an appointment for Saturday at 11 am.  I remembered this around noon and called Heather to inform her of the conflict.  I left a voice mail around 12:45 pm, saying I had an appointment at Dayton Groomer at 11 am Saturday, and didn’t know if it mattered since I was on call.  I also made a copy of the schedule with Heather’s hand-writing on it, and noted our conversations.

I never heard back from Heather, but Jen called Heather for a different reason at 7 pm, and I asked Jen to ask Heather what I should do.  Heather glibly said she already told me that morning she would TRY not to call me in  Saturday.

Guess who just called me into work at 9:05 am?  Heather was all disgruntled when I told her I could go in, but would have to leave no later than 10 am to make the grooming appointment (I told her about yesterday).  She said Shawn was still there and she had 5 dogs.  She said she would need me until at LEAST noon.  I just told her I would need more than 24 hours notice of being put ON the schedule to accommodate it.  She was pretty upset, so I added that I have to make appointments more than one day in advance, so I need my schedule sooner than a day ahead of time.  She didn’t like that and said she would have to call someone else in, then she took me off call today.

I’m not sure why she just didn’t get a replacement after I called her at 1 pm yesterday. . .  Sheesh.  Anyway, so if I’m fired that’s the story.

1:30 pm:
This maybe wasn’t the greatest timing considering the trouble I may be in for the scheduling confusion.  If I ever want to pursue my non-payment issues legally, I wanted on record a timely letter to my employer staing my concerns.  I’m trying to leave a paper trail–just in case.

Dr. Hittenmiller,

I was looking at my pay-stub and think there might be an error.  It says I worked 61.50 hours up to June 15, and by my calculations, I think I worked 66 hours and 13 minutes during that pay period.  It’s not a huge difference or anything, but I was checking for the sake of accuracy.  I’m attaching the times/dates I copied directly from my time card–maybe you can check my math or clarify this misunderstanding for me.  Thanks for your time!


Dr. Hittenmiller left Carson City at 8 AM.  We got an abdominal discomfort emergency at 8:50 AM.  We called Dr. Hittenmiller 3 times,  but he never came back.  He was unavailable by phone as well.

Another emergency walked in, as did the first appointment of the day.  No doctor was in the building–or in town!  I took vitals and roomed the owners.  The had to wait at least an hour for Dr. Fineman to get there at 10 AM.  If it had been a critical emergency, the animals would have died in that time.


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