I Have Finally Learned

31 Dec

I was credulously loyal to Mary, working for her on and off, for 7 years, and look what happened.  I worked for Noah’s Ark for almost  6 years.  Despite the fact Mary repeatedly told me I needed to work for the vet school, I stayed at the ark out of gullible loyalty.  Where did it get me?  I didn’t get into vet school–not due to Noah’s Ark, of course.  It maybe didn’t help my case though.  I also haven’t heard from those people in a year.  So why did I give up my life for them?

I haven’t been happy with Aurora Veterinary Hospital.  No one was especially friendly, and one of the vets was an outright bitch!  Though I naively worked hard and went above and beyond many times (taking Sunday kennel duties, changing the processor fluids on Sunday, etc. . .), they only nit-picked at me.  They did not appreciate my stellar work ethic in the least.  Also, Aurora wasn’t working with my schedule.  I am an honest, loyal person and don’t like to play dirty.  Instead of searching for a new job immediately (and against advice of trusted others), I was honest with management.  I requested a meeting telling them how worried I am that I do not have time to properly pursue my biggest goal–vet school.  To my face, they said they would be happy to work with me and give me a new schedule.  Then, when it came down to it, they blew off making changes, rescheduled multiple meetings, and reneged on any substantial schedule changes at all.  In the past, I would have stayed–however unhappily and at whatever peril to my own priorities and dreams.  Not anymore.  I did the ornery thing this time.  After I found out the two people I thought had my back at AVH (my boss and office manager who helped get me hired in the first place) actually didn’t give a fuck about me, I searched out tech jobs on Craigslist.  I was very hurt and disappointed ti find out the truth.

I honestly could do without the time-sucking nature of vet tech, dead-end positions right now, but it’s one of my few (legit) job skills and easy for me to secure.  Anyway, I e-mailed my resume’ to 3 jobs Thursday night last week.  By Friday, I had two interviews scheduled.  One office manager even called me from her cell phone on her day off to see if I could come in later that day.  Cut ahead–both interviews went well.  I got a good feeling about the smaller place–it reminded me of my hometown vet hospital before my (former) mentor there went crazy.  After an hour and a half interview, the Dr. informed me they didn’t actually have a position open.  WTF?!  He indicated they offered the job to someone previously and that person “sort of” accepted it.  The doc said that may change as quickly as tomorrow (Saturday) though and he would keep in touch.

Sure enough I got a call Saturday afternoon telling me they had an opening after all!  Of course the vet was going on vacation, then I have to work 7 days in a row at AVH, but after a working interview, I think I’m golden.  I don’t technically have a replacement job, but either way, when I went to work yesterday, I gave my letter of resignation to my boss (who never saw it coming) because this job just doesn’t feel right.  Why be so unhappy over a temporary, dead-end, loser job that has no bearing on my life?  It just isn’t worth the stress it was causing.  The next 2 weeks or month will probably awkward–you know, the normal gossip, questions, and possible anger, but I can get through it–cause at least I know I’m leaving.

I am relieved!  Happy to be reordering my priorities, glad to be away from Dr-bitch and the rest of the icy co-workers and the horribly entitled clients, and excited to maybe meet decent people in Seattle.  Between my job and the awful housing situation, I have grown to hate (maybe unfairly) this effing place.  Perhaps happiness in all areas of my life is on the horizon.

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