Lateness Phobia

31 Dec

This one is a biggie for me, mostly because I have a phobia of being late.  When I was in school, I would have vivid nightmares that I missed the bus and was late to class.  If I have an interview or meeting someplace unfamiliar, I have to find the route a day ahead of time.  Otherwise I constantly worry that I will get lost and be late.  I mean, I’ll lose sleep over it!  Speaking of sleep, I ALWAYS wake up before my alarm clock goes off. . .  I would rather be much too early than show up someplace late.

I have no idea what the thought process of late people must be.  Do they just think—who cares, they’ll wait for me?  Late people are annoying, because it shows a total disregard for anyone else’s schedule and a lack of respect.  If you’re rude enough to be late on a date, you might as well just turn around and go home—it’s all over.  Though at least you showed your true colors early so I no longer have to deal with you.  I am most irritated when other people’s lateness affects me, and I cannot cut them out of my life. Say, when I have to work longer to finish everything cause you couldn’t drag your ass out of bed.  Being 50 minutes to 3 hours late makes me have to work harder to cover for you.  And being late twice in the same day, are you kidding me?!!  And it really sticks in my craw when the same people are 5-20 minutes late EVERY time they work.  These chronic late people stroll in to work assuming everyone else has taken care of everything for them.  What would happen if everyone was late?!

It’s even worse if the late person is full of excuses:  My alarm didn’t go off, traffic was horrible, I had errands to run, on and on.  I also have an alarm, had to drive to get here, and arranged my life in such a way that I would get here on time.  I don’t really want to hear your lame excuses!  If you’re shitty enough to be late, at least own up and admit that you suck that day.  I really can’t tolerate lateness because it’s very easy to overcome.  Wake up earlier, budget more time, whatever—make it a priority to be places on time.  Being late is just another form of selfishness.  It shows you don’t care enough to accommodate anyone else’s schedule.


PS:  You know since I wrote a blog about lateness I’ll probably be late to work tomorrow 😉


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