Nobody Cares About Trash in the Desert (initially posted 5-15-09)

31 Dec

It seems nobody cares enough to DO anything!  I have extensively tried to contact some eagency in hopes of putting the kabash on the cabal of people who are dumping their trash in the desert.  I would think someone, whether it be the public or the government would give a damn, but they don’t.  There was no coterie who wanted to help the situation–everyone just pushed the responsibility on to some other group.  There is not just a little trash in the middle of the desert, we’re talking broken glass, entire truckloads of garbage, and even sea-dos and cars! I’m not the only one who goes out there, either. Everytime I go running, I see other people walking, hiking, runing, and riding bikes and motorcycles. I find it appalling that there is no clique trying to fight for the environment, no mob who wants to keep our community beautiful.  For drammatic effect:  If people don’t care for any other reason, at least a ring of citizens should consider this is right next to a veterinary hospital, public park, and an elementary school–save the children and the animals!!!  The circle of businesses (ironically including the dump) is directly affected.  Who is in charge, and why aren’t they doing anything???

Dear Governor Gibbons,

I grew up in Dayton, attending school from kindergarten to my senior year here.  I love this community and would like it to remain beautiful.  I am writing because I am very concerned about the trash that gets thrown in the desert.  I know I am not alone in this endeavor and there is a clan of people who also want to keep nature intact in Dayton.

Just outside Mark Twain Park, on Roughing It Road, less than 3 miles from the city waste disposal plant, Lyon County’s beauty is marred.  A cabal of people are dumping truckloads of garbage, old machinery, and even cars!  I like to run on the trails in that area, as do many other people, and was quite appalled to see the sheer amount of waste on our land.   I have witnessed pick-ups driving in the desert with loads of trash and coming back to Six Mile Canyon Road or Highway 50 with an empty truck bed. It seems, nothing can be done to stop them.

I called waste management, parks & recreation, and other numbers that those entities referred me to.  I got the impression this situation isn’t under anyone’s jurisdiction.  I am planning to organize my own trash pick up on May 30, since other community service groups only serve Washoe County and Carson City.  No government organization could even offer me free trash bags or gloves to borrow.  The whole situation is very frustrating!  I feel like no one cares enough to help the situation.

I would like consequences for that small in-group of people that dump in the middle of the desert, maybe a “no dumping” sign posted on the premises, and support (in the form of gloves to borrow, trash bags, and a dump site discount) for other proactive people wanting to pick up the trash.

Thank you for your time.
Lavrel L5hl

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