Preface part 2.5

31 Dec

Despite the fact Mary had not been with Kim and me at the bar (she went to Carson City) I was not too surprised to see Mary’s red car coming towards me.  I also knew right away that her magisterial presence meant a lot more trouble for me.  I also did not think much of the fact that the car was driving in the wrong direction—away from the cabin-mansion, instead of toward it, when they stopped and got me.  I got in the back and cried quietly to myself as a sort of preemptive defense against the authoritarian lecture I was sure to get from mary.  Normally, I don’t cry in front of anyone, especially my unemotional and magnate boss, Mary.  I knew they were probably really unhappy with me, and I sort of wanted to show them how sorry I was for inconveniencing them.

Mary was imperiously telling me how Kim was in a panic when she realized I had disappeared.  After looking everywhere for me, Kim had called Mary in Carson City to help search.  I knew Kim must have had to be very desperate to bring the overbearing Mary into it.  No one they asked around town knew where I was—I was simply gone, and everyone was worried.  The ride home seemed to take a long time.  I had walked pretty far, so we should have turned left onto the dirt mile and been back to the cabin-mansion fairly quickly.  I became disoriented.  It seemed like we were driving in the wrong direction.  I had no idea where we were.  Thinking back, we might have stopped somewhere to pick up Kim’s green Chevy Tahoe.  I’m not sure though, I was pretty out of it.

As soon as we got to the cabin-mansion, I dramatically ran to my guest bedroom, threw myself on the floor, and sobbed, drunkenly crying.  I think I wanted to be left alone—I was embarrassed about the singing, felt miserable for causing Kim undue distress, felt sorry for dragging the luminary that was Mary into the situation, and was ashamed the entire town knew.  Unpredictably, both Kim and Mary were right on my heels.  Kim kept asking what was wrong.  I was not able to tell her—how could I when I didn’t know, myself.  I was just really drunk, and I tend to cry when I get trashed.  I was sad that Kim and Mary were mad at me, and I wanted to convey how upset I was.  Mary was frustrated and said she was going to bed—she didn’t talk to drunk people.  Mary was always making dogmatic statements like that.  Kim hugged me (it was nice, and comforting), and ascertained that I missed my friends in Missouri.  I sort of missed my best pal, Sarah, but I had not been in Nevada long enough to really be home sick.  Besides, I had been having plenty of fun hanging around Kim and Mary, tycoon as she was, at the cabin-mansion.  I could not believe I had finally made it in to their inner circle!  It was everything I had wanted when I worked for them in high school, four years ago.  While Kim was hugging me, I just wanted to stay just like that.  She withdrew her arms (too soon) and joined Mary in bed though. . .   I climbed the ladder (somehow) to the loft and passed out soon after.


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