All Out War [90 views, originally posted 11-13-06]

1 Jan

I wasn’t too surprised to find out JB cheated on me. I’m at the point now, that I expect horrible things from my ex. I’m only sad about it because, at the time, I never suspected it. As a matter of fact, I may have never loved my ex, but I definitely trusted JB completely when we dated. Even a year after we broke up, I would never have thought I was ever cheated on–it was out of the realm of possibilities. I would have been crushed/devastated to find out during the relationship. . . Yeah, I may hate my ex now, but it took a long time to realize JB was a poor excuse for a person.

What makes it even worse is the reaction I got. JB successfully hid the cheating for almost 2 years. When I mentioned it in the text, (“You cheated on me.” were my exact words) my ex called me. JB implied it was my fault I was never told, because I pushed them away when they came home and wanted to cuddle (out of guilt) after the vacation. I had the nerve to not miss the person after 2 weeks and was a bitch for getting mad that I was woken up (exactly the way I would have reacted if I HAD known about the cheating). In the same phone call, my ex said I wasn’t doing my part to be friends! Ummm, I’m calling to tell you I found out you cheated on me, and you’re accusing ME of not wanting to be friends?! Sometime after I said I also know you stole from me (I’ll post this blog in detail soon), my ex started to scream “Fuck you Laurel, quit the coalition, I never want to fucking see or hear from you again!!!” and hung up on me. This person is 26 by the way–very mature for that age. . .

It doesn’t matter though, cheating in any fashion was a terrible, unforgivable thing to do. JB knew my definition of cheating, didn’t tell me about it, and dated me for at least another 6 months, if not longer. And if it didn’t mean anything, fine, but then why was it kept a secret? If it truly was not intentional, and the person did not want to do anything with him, why was it hidden? Also, why did it happen twice?  Yup–two days in a row.  I mean, if you’re not guilty you would tell. . . Unless there was something to hide.

You know, I am sick of hearing more and more that my ex has done to me.  I just want all pain associated with JB to stop.  Why don’t you just move back to TX?  I have coined a special sobriquet just for this poor excuse for a human.  From this point on my ex, JB will be referred to by the nickname Douche.  I hope this humiliates and disrespects her character.  By replacing the name with a pseudonym I hope to dehumanize her just as much as her poor behavior has already.

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