Beyond Lame [4-10-08]

1 Jan

My dog Foley (who my dad was baby-sitting) had to be euthanized a week and a half ago.  Unfortunately evil-Mary had to do it.  My dad was highly impressed with Dr. Minor’s compassion and even sent her a thank you card.  Never mind that Mary refused to even take Foley outside while I was in class 12 hours a day, or that she kicked Foley out of her house in the heat of summer and through the cold winter…  She did what she does best and “played the game.”  I’m so over it.

All that aside, Dayton Valley Veterinary Hospital sends a sympathy card to each family who euthanizes a pet.  It’s standard procedure.  Usually, the blank card is put on the pharmacy counter and each staff member signs it.  Sometimes people write little extra notes.

When I got my condolance card, it was signed by everyone–but Mary.  She is so petty she wouldn’t even sign my sympathy card!  It made me more upset to get an unsigned card, then if they hadn’t sent one at all.  How can a 40 year old be so ridiculous?!!!

What makes me most mad is this is baseless.  I’ll bet she couldn’t even say why she’s so mad at me.  That’s because I didn’t do anything to her-rawr!!!!


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