“Cable-Guy” I Watch Enough TV to Know Better

1 Jan

I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or if my fear is justified. Let me just start out by saying I like living alone. I’m NEVER scared. When I’ve had roommates that were frightened, I thought they were just being ridiculous. . . Here’s the story, judge for yourself.

It’s 8 pm and I’m reading a book. I am interrupted from the quiet–this is rare in my place as you can hear every little noise in the hallway: Tramping footsteps up the stairs, knocking on other apartment doors, talking, etc. . . Anyway, I’m interrupted from the quiet by a knock on my door–I’m not expecting anyone. I look out the peephole and see a man I don’t know. I used to open the door all the time.  I felt obligated to at least talk to the person at my door.  I used to feel a little dramatic if I didn’t at least open the door a crack.  Just that day though, I had decided that was not a smart thing. . .  I ask through the door, “Can I help you?” He says he is from MediaCom and needs to come in. He isn’t wearing a uniform and warning signals in my head are going off.  I don’t open the door (I’m not stupid–anymore, that is!). He continues, “We’re doing some work in the attic and need to check your wires.” Ok, I did not call MediaCom, in fact, I have Direct TV which is evidenced by my satellite dishes on the balcony. Also, I’m not the top floor–there are people living above me–not an attic. Besides, do they really do work at 8 pm? I don’t know, but it all seemed suspicious. . . I told him (through the door) “I have Direct TV.” He said “Oh, ok.” and left the building. I didn’t hear him knock on anyone else’s door! It was creepy!!! CREEPY!!! Maybe the whole, landlord kicking my door in, episode made me overly worried, but better safe than sorry, right?


I was nervous about the incident so I called MediaCom last night. It’s apperently a national number and the operator said he would be “hard pressed” to find out if they had actually sent someone. When I persisted, he said, “I don’t mean to be dismissive, but it would be difficult and time-consuming to find out if MediaCom actually sent someone.”

So if you didn’t already know (I did) that MediaCom sucks, there’s the evidence. Next step I am going to take is to ask my landlord if they approved the cable guy to come out last night. . .


I called my landlord. He said no one was authorized to do work last night. He also said MediaCom usually does work for this complex during the day. He said, it sounded suspicious to him to and to go ahead and make a police report. He told me even if MediaCom did have to do rewiring work, they wouldn’t need in any apartments (especially my floor)–they can do everything from outside. . .

So people–watch out for a 40-ish man about 6 feet tall between 170-200 lbs, claiming to be with MediaCom. Don’t let him in your apartment!


I called the police–they said I was right not to open the door-duh. The officer also agreed cable should have no need to get inside an apartment–especially if you are not a subscriber, and especially when it is in the evening. The police are going to watch my apartment complex, and there will be an officer at the complex 24/7. The officer encouraged me to give them a call if anything else like this happens or if I see the


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