Climbing Pride Turtles [6-11-07]

1 Jan

Coming up with blog titles is a difficult chore.  You want it to be catchy and interesting and it should pertain to the blog topic.  This is all I have left in me–so Climbing Pride Turtle it is.  If you have a better idea, by all means, let me know 🙂  On to the blog though!

PrideFest was this last Saturday. Though I’m unaffiliated with the coalition this year, I volunteered to help set up on the big day. Partly I did it because I enjoy it, partly because they really need extra help (especially since their chair person didn’t show up and their president only came to get a shirt), and thirdly I helped because Linda has feet injury and doesn’t need to be doing that on her own–which she would have. I also knew when I came to help I wouldn’t have to see my ex who is extremely involved. Douche does the café so she’s locked in the “food jail” the entire day. Very easy to avoid! I helped unpack the car, put up the tent thingys, and made May-poles on every sign and bike rack I could find. You don’t care about that stuff though. I’ll tell of the interesting “circus decorating.”

I was paired with a lady I had never met to put up some flags. Sounds easy enough, right? We spotted a tree with a nice straight branch. All shrubbery was trimmed really well since it was a public park, and I’m sure they didn’t want anyone getting hurt climbing the trees. We thought we would just throw the rope over the branch–but how to secure it? We needed a ladder or chair so we could get up high and tie the flag around the branch. None were available. Here we are, in the middle of the park–me standing on the back of a perfect stranger while she had my flip-flops under her knees. There was standing (me) on shoulders (hers) as well. We did all kind of acrobatics and stunting to get those flags up there! They did look darn good when we were finished though. I can only imagine how the cleanup crew got them back down. . .

I also got to be a sticker girl for a couple of hours. It was a good time. I guess no one has ever heard the lingo jumbo-tron or tiny-tron before. I wasn’t TRYING to be funny when I gave the choice! I stickered (can sticker be used as a verb?) about 200 people. I liked the job really well too– I got to work on my tan and talk to every single person there. It was good, because I could say hey, and because I had a job to do, quickly move on before the conversation got awkward. Speaking of awkward–I had to sticker both of my exes, but it actually turned out fine–they were both on their best behavior. They were actually people a lot worse than either of them. Who doesn’t want a free sticker? Even when I said they could look awesome like me and be spirited some people refused their sticker. I would tell them it was a means of counting and they would still say no–that’s ok asshole, I’ll just wear yours for you! I think I came home with 9 stickers on my shorts because people denied the awesomeness of the sticker.

After 2 hours, I started getting really thirsty and sunburned. Normally, I could just go get my free water from the café, but I didn’t want to press my luck and visit the food jail. . . I would ask Linda if there was work to be done (in between stickering people), and she would say, go get water! Sit down and go get some water! She didn’t understand. Finally, I just had to leave because I was thirsty, oh so thirsty. Having a pool to jump into when I got home was beautiful!!! Just beautiful!

On a completely different note–I solved the mystery of road kill man downstairs. I was letting the dog out to go potty and my neighbor was butchering some animal right below my balcony–thanks for the smell. He volunteered the info without glance or question from me. He said it was a snapping turtle and it tastes better than chicken. Hmmm. He apparently he had access to 2 turtles, because when I was leaving for work Sunday afternoon there was a partially alive turtle under my balcony. The guy rode his bike to work leaving the (kicking) turtle to die slowly I guess.


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