Eating for 17 [10-2-08]

1 Jan

As I said before, I’m selling my eggs.  I didn’t tell my parents because I did not want a moral dilemma.  Thanks to those of YOU blabbermouths who told them, by the way.  If my parents, for some reason, didn’t agree with me selling my eggs, I couldn’t go through with it.  I didn’t want to know if they didn’t agree, cause I could NOT say no to that $3,750!  That will help offset any debt I owe and ultimately fund school.  I NEED that money.

Ugh—all that birth control and the multitude of hormones stimulated my appetite.  They try to say BCP won’t make you fat—uh yeah it does.  I had never been on it before and as soon as I came off it, my eating returned to normal.  I didn’t notice ANY other side effects of all the hormones, just hunger.  I could eat constantly, and still be hungry.  My weight ballooned! Seriously, people who are 5’2″ should never gain 10-20 pounds (I became horrified and stopped weighing myself) in 10 weeks. Awful!  I hate to think how fat I will get if I ever have a baby for real.  If I gained so much after about 2 months, think about 9 months, ewww. . .

Selling eggs is not like donating sperm.  You don’t just walk in and jerk off in a cup.  It’s a 2-3 month deal—which is why they pay so well.  I went through the screening process, where they got my genetic history and had me complete quizzes and talk to a psychiatrist to make sure I’m not crazy.  Then they designed my profile and waited for an infertile couple to pick me.  Then the recipient woman and I went on birth control pills for 1 month to sync our cycles.  After that, they put me on 3 injectable hormones a day, which isn’t as bad as it sounds.  I just used tiny insulin syringes to poke myself in the booty.  You can poke yourself in numerous places, but I wanted to look normal in a bathing suit, as well as avoid looking like a heroin addict.

I also had to drive to Overland Park to get blood tests and ultrasounds.  These visits increased in frequency as the big day of surgery approached.  Towards the end, I had 9 eggs on the left side and 7 eggs on the right side.  Those 16 eggs, are not much more than a woman has during her normal cycle.  The drugs did make them larger than normal though.  Mine averaged 16 x 8 (I’m not sure what kind of units).

Oh, there was one injection I didn’t like much.  Two days before surgery I had to give myself an injection an inch below my belly button with a big needle.  It was a time-specific dose of GnRH, the main pregnancy hormone.  This helps release the eggs.  It was creepy giving myself an injection so close to my belly button, and it stung.  It hurt for about an hour after I administered it!  The next day, my abdomen felt heavy.  I FELT the eggs in there.  It was like I was weighed down.  At work, they were joking I had to drag my abdomen around.  What a strange feeling.

Anyway, my big surgery was scheduled for Friday, September 19.  It was crazy, because my dad was coming to town September 20-October 2.  Also, I had to go to Oklahoma for an interview September 23.  So surgery Friday, Dad Saturday, work the dumb weekend, then big interview Tuesday.  It was so busy I didn’t really have time to be nervous for any specific event.


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