Flashy Foley [6-3-06]

1 Jan

I officially have my first dog.  Well, not my first–but the first dog I’ve had sole ownership of.  She is a little 14 year old, blind, cockapoo.  Her owner didn’t want to pay for boarding and was going to euthanize her, so I offered to take her.  I thought she would be more like a cat than a dog, but the first 10 min. she was in my house, she was eating Ladybug’s (one of my cats) rx. food.  After I told her No, she got into the litterbox!  Once a dog, always a dog 🙂

I HATE whenever someone rescues an animal, then doesn’t take care of them appropriately.  If you can’t do it right, don’t get involved in a pet’s life at all.  Dogs are expensive–I got her a city license, heartworm prevention, frontline, bathed her, got her ear and eye meds, a kennel, food and water bowls, and bought her a coller and leash.  I wanted to get her a NASCAR coller–cause it’s the best.  I figured racing didn’t quite fit a slow, blind dog 😉  I went w/ a blingged-out pink w/yellow coller and green/blue/yellow leash.  She looked better in the green coller, pink leash combo, but I just couldn’t bring myself to carry a pink leash. . .  She’ll understand.



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