Homeless [6-6-07]

1 Jan


Hey everyone!  Sorry about the impersonal mass e-mail, but I’m desperate!  I am looking for any kind of housing in Dayton, Carson, or Reno for this next school year.  Any kind or studio, apartment, house, RV, 5th wheel, etc. . .  would be fine.  The only thing is my cat has to come with me.  If you know of any housing (or think you know or even know someone who might know) please tell me by July 25th.
Thanks guys!
This is the last thing I heard from my parents:
Hi Laurel, Got your interesting call. You [and none of your pets] are welcome to stay here but we will not look for a rental or an RV as they are too expensive here.
Our advice is get a job that acually pays you something, Work and go to school partime.
It is not up to mom and I whether you go to Vet school, it is up to you. You are 23 now and make your own decisions.  And like us you have to live with choices and decisions you make.
I know this will make you mad and I am sorry. I dont think you really realize how much we really love you.
I must go now so think about it.
Love Dad and Mom


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