I Need a Man [72 Myspace Views on 1-13-07]

1 Jan

I tried to hail (pun intended) against the impending ice storm, but it proved impossible. Sarah called and said her mom (my boss) might call to tell me not to come in–a storm warning was expected. I automatically thought of all the awesome things I would rather be doing besides working, and got my hopes up. The call never came. I drove into work. Dr. Terry told me that she might start sending part-time staff (that’s me!) home early and said not to book anything else that day unless it was an emergency. I told everyone we would be walking at 3 (we usually walk at 3:30 when boarding is slow) so we could be finished w/the work when people started going home early. They grumbled, but complied.

Oh, forgotten point: Sarah asked about putting something over her car’s windshield and I scoffed, thinking the storm was a lot of hype. Then, I realized maybe it was in fact, a good idea and put one of our sheets over my car, which I did. After walking, I started treatments as usual. Kurt, who had been cleaning the runs came in and said since he was finished he needed to go home. I thought–did he send himself home?! Then, Michelle was gone too. I was finishing treatments, cleaning cages, and mopping, expecting to get sent home anytime. . . Nope, being on the good list CAN be a drawback. I stayed until Noah’s Ark closed at 5:50. One good thing? I pulled that sheet right off and my car was ready to go. Everyone else stood in the cold and scraped for a long time.

Last time it snowed, I got stuck in front of my apartment for days and days. This time, I thought I would be smart and stay on Sylvan. Though it’s farther from my house, in a ghetto area, and out of my sight–I thought at least I would be able to leave with in the next 8 days (unlike last storm). Of course, what I didn’t anticipate was the trek down the hill. . .

I replaced the sheet on my windshield and realized that I had my purse, KC pics, a CD of pics, my work snow boots, my work winter coat, and yes, my cat. I just put everything on–I was wearing so many layers that I couldn’t let my arms drop to my sides–they stuck out a little. I made it down, but was sweating by the time I reached my door–Bob is heavy again, weighing 11 pounds, 11 ounces!!! I went to sleep thinking how smart I was parking up the hill so I wouldn’t get stuck.

I woke up this morning and continued to read my book–not relevant now, but it comes into play later. Sarah and I decided to go to the Artisan. I was so smart, I got on my boots, winter coat, hat, gloves, boiled some water so I could unlock my door, and called my parents (who like to chat for a long time) so I wouldn’t be board defrosting my car. I walked up the hills, and opened the door easily (w/the help of the hot water), then peeled the sheet off. Beautiful! Then my rear defroster did the rest. The windows were clear as day. I went to drive forward, and my car made a grinding sound and stayed in place. My mom asked why I was doing all this. To go to the Artisan, I replied, indignantly. She was like, can’t you go in your warm apartment and read there? Point taken–I guess I LIKE hard work. . . My dad said to just knock the ice off the wheel wells–which I did w/the blunt end of my window scraper–I felt very clever. There were some huge chunks of ice, let me tell you! I got back in the car–still no moving was had.

That’s ok, I had formulated a plan. I walked all the way back down to my apartment in search of the largest container I had. Turned out to be my blender. I heated water and poured it into the blender, liberally adding table salt for good measure. Side-note: I’m not sure if table salt works like pavement salt–but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? So here I am walking up the hill w/my blender, stepping carefully so as not to spill any water. I got a few strange looks from neighbors and passers-by. I poured the salt water on each of the tires, excited by my ingenuity. Upon staring the car and pressing the gas–nothing. All for nothing! I eventually called Sarah to come pick me up–it was an hour and a half later, I think, and followed that w/a call to Chris to help me out tomorrow.

It seems, hard as I try to avoid being a helpless female, when cars are involved (broken car post-Saint Louis, needing rides to work after the blizzard, and now digging my car off the street) I need a man. . .

picture this:  me crawling up the icy hill b/c my boots keep slipping.  I tore my hands up trying to grip that damned hill–off the Wal-Mart to buy a shovel for the trunk of my car!


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