I’m a Star

1 Jan

I’m no actor, but I got to faux wash my laundry as an extra in a movie. I also got to faux watch TV for the film. Tomorrow I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m an extra again. Actually, I’ve been famous a lot lately. My picture is on the PFLAG website, I’ve been traveling around mid-Missouri to give my trans presentation, I have been recognized all over town and on myspace as the pride fest “sticker girl,” I have been in a movie, and now I’m on the radio!

Tonight I was on KOPN, Columbia’s local radio station to talk about feminism, LGBTQQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, ally) issues, and my presentation, “Transcend, Not Transition.” I take issue with the use of all those letters, (alphabet soup, if you will) to describe the community. It should simply be called transgender.

Segway, as the radio show host would say: The definition of transgender is anyone outside the gender norms. Norms are pretty much the 1950s outlook that women don’t work or wear pants and men don’t care for children or show emotion. Therefore, everyone is transgender. It’s an all-inclusive umbrella term that encompasses transsexual, which are people who have gender dysphoria and feel their true sex is the one opposite to the one assigned to them at birth. Anyway, I got a little off track with the background explanations.

I knew I would be a little out of my league talking on the radio. I don’t really follow politics, I have no formal education on queer issues and very little knowledge about the women’s movement, and my voice sounds like Minnie Mouse on answering machines, so I’m sure it was just more of the same for radio. I agreed to do it because I would be with Linda Hayes, who knows what she’s talking about, and because I believe it’s important to at least start a dialogue about trans issues. 50% of trans youth attempt suicide! There is the problem of lack of support from peers, teachers, and parents, and lack of legislation to protect these kids. Even if you don’t agree with whatever (which we won’t get into here *cough–ignorant*), I think it’s crazy for kids to feel so hopeless about the situation they want to kill themselves. They need someone in their corner, ie me.  In case you’re wondering my presentation will be at the CoMo PFLAG meeting, July 5th at 7 pm. Here’s a link to the website for more info: http://pflag.missouri.org/events.html

Yeah, so if you see my face or hear my voice in the media–it’s because I’m famous now


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