No More Smoking for Buddha Bobcat [3-3-08]

1 Jan

Remember the fatty liver scare of 2006?  Bob stopped eating (very uncharacteristic for him) for too long.  He weighed only 8 pounds when he is normally chubby, weighing around 13 pounds.  He was listless when he’s normally ornery.  We did x-rays, ultrasounds, and couldn’t fine the cause of his sickness. Finally, Dr. Terry did exploratory surgery at work—his liver was completely yellow!  Though he showed no signs of jaundice, he was in the later stages of fatty liver syndrome.  Bob was hospitalized at Noah’s Ark from October to December.  P.S.  I don’t even wanna hear Douche and Christy say they should have kept Bob.  They would never have been able to afford all of his medical bills, even if they could find someone willing to treat him for such an extended period of time.  He would have died had either one of them owned him

I digress:  The situation seemed so hopeless for Bob that I even adopted a new little maine coon kitten that came into Noah’s Ark, because I was positive Bob was going to die.  Not only did he refuse to eat on his own, he would force himself to vomit if anyone force fed him.  He also vomited up his oral meds.  It was a bad-time.  Sarah and I thought we would show the new kitten (Gandhi Gus) to Buddha Bob.  That same day, Bob ate on his own accord.  He was so jealous of that kitten that he lived through the impossible.  He MADE himself survive just to be naughty—that’s my kitty!!!  Even I had given up on him.  The only person that still believed he had even a remote chance of survival was Dr. Terry.  She saved him when no one thought it was possible.  The way Bob thanks her?  Every time he sees Dr. Terry he gags—he remembers her medicating and force feeding him.

Bob and Terry have a special bond.  She treats him whenever he comes in.  Cut to last Friday.  Actually, last Wednesday.  Bob sleeps next to me on my pillow.  Well, he waits for ME to fall asleep so he can stretch across the length of my pillow.  Then, I wake up all folded like a bird with a sore neck. Needless to say, I can hear his breathing very well.  It was slightly raspy.  I was concerned enough to take him to work with me.  Dr. Terry ordered radiographs right away.  It was overzealous, and most vets wouldn’t have gone to such lengths based on so little.  She is taking no chances with his immuno-compromised history and all.  Dr. Greg did an exam and said Bob’s chest and heart sounded fine.  Then we took the chest x-ray.  One lung was black—meaning air was in it just like it was supposed to be.  The other lung—completely white.  Not good. That means the entire lung was full of fluid.  Lungs shouldn’t have ANY fluid in them.  Bob was in trouble.  We took bloodwork, did an ultrasound to check Buddha’s heart and extracted 24 mLs of fluid out of Buddha’s lung.  Then, we took another x-ray to see if we had gotten all of the fluid out.  Not hardly—the lung was still almost entirely white.  After that, Bob started to show his true colors and fight.  We couldn’t get any more fluid out without sedating him, and there were appointments waiting.

I took the lung fluid to the lab at the vet school.  They didn’t see any cancer cells or other obvious abnormalities. Having a lung full of fluid is not good though.  I am taking Bob back to the vet tomorrow, so please pray for him to be well!


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