Pet Posse’

1 Jan

It’s a milestone. Foley made it all the way through the night last night (happy dance). She went out at 11 pm and didn’t have to go again until 6:30 am. Usually I hear the Foley-shake (jangle of the collar), licking of legs/private parts (excessively), bumping into walls and the springs behind the doors, scratching on the bed and then on the walls–basically the quiet assault. Foley never barks (or has an accident) but she DOES pester at my EVERY night. I had gotten to the point where I didn’t even wake up anymore. I would put on a sweatshirt and her leash and stand outside in the fricken cold (while she walked around for 20 min!!!) waiting for her to do her business. I would go back to bed and think–did she go potty? I think Foley wakes up in the night because she’s blind and thinks it’s daytime. That or else she just hates me. . .

Buddha Bob, as you know, is a Maine coon. Obviously he’s super-cute.  I never saw him as a kitten though.  Well, this kitten came in to the vet hospital needing a home. It looks exactly like Bob!!! I was calling the kitten Tiny Bob. I lost Ladybug not too long ago, so when the opportunity to get a new cat came along, I of course, was weak. I made the mistake of naming Bob’s tiny twin. He is called Gandhi Gus!!! You know, it’s over once you name them. . . I’m getting a new kitten! I will have Buddha Bob and Gandhi Gus-ha ha!

Speaking of vet hospitals. Never before, have I had any interest in hanging out with kids from my major. First of all, pre-vet students are busy taking difficult classes and trying to get straight A’s. We all have to do tons of extra-curriculars and get experience as well. There is not a lot of time TO hang out. And you start having problems when you get 2 high stress, OCD, competitive people together.  Secondly, there is this weird competitive dynamic with animal science majors. Vet schools get thousands of applicants and accepts classes of about 30 students. I don’t see everyone else as enemies, but a lot of people do. I have multiple classes with the same people year after year, but haven’t actually talked to any of them. It’s everyone–if you’re an animal science major, you know what I’m talking about. When I have tried to talk to anyone, it’s super-awkward turtle.

Anyway, so that’s why I think it’s strange that ALL of my closest friends work at a vet hospital, randomly. Sarah works at the vet hospital her parents own. Lori, Jocie, J’Andera all work at Rolling Hills. Justina, who is in vet school, works at Noah’s Ark every Friday. Noah’s Ark has a really good group of people now so I hang out with Chris, Melissa, Kayla, and Colt regularly. Mike, who shadowed at Noah’s Ark also calls every weekend with fun plans.  Even Tony and Robert, of Saki Saturdays, are in vet school.  Isn’t it crazy that my 12 closet friends all work at a vet?!!!



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