Queen of Force Feeding [1-4-07]

1 Jan

Ok, here it is:  I am on the good list at work.  I don’t know if it’s ever happened before.  It seems no matter how often I go in (holidays anyone?!), how hard I work, or how nice I am, that Dr. Terry always has someone else above me on the good list.  Sidenote:  I believe the vet at work has a constant good list and bad list.  Good list people get awesome jobs, benefit of the doubt, days off, etc. . .  Bad list people get yelled at, are guilted when they aren’t at work, and generally have a bad time.  This list is ever-changing, by the way.  Resume story:  Today, Dr. Terry was asking me to walk certain dogs, to do certain treatments, and I could hear her telling clients on the phone that “Laurel is doing such and such to your animal, it’s going well.”  She even dubbed me “the queen of force feeding.”  I was feeding a particularly grmupy cat which had been blocked–if you couldn’t urinate, you would be a little cranky too, and she told it to tow the line, b/c Laurel knows what she is doing (this is when she used the queen phrase).  Watch out anorexic kitties!!!  Awesome times.  Of course, being held in high reguard by my boss does not make me excited to work a second weekend in a row.


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