Rant, rant, rant–frustration unleashed!

1 Jan

t’s maddening dealing with some people.  Once I don’t like someone, they become physically ugly to me—no matter how beautiful they may look on the outside.  I begin to notice negative details in their appearance and their actions and intentions become clear to me, and begin to annoy me.

The people I hated had some serious personality flaws.  I couldn’t miss it.  The helpful thing was that other people (though less emotional about it and less invested) noticed negative aspects about the person as well.  Courtney was a fat bitch, Douche—well, there was not a lot um, right about Douche.  Douche has a plethora of “friends,” but none that are dependable.  It’s not like Douche could call any of them to get out of a jam.  Mary, though loved by many, has her enemies and people in Missouri think she’s crazy.  People could eventually see the bad things I saw in each of these mofos.

I find it very frustrating when I see all these bad things in a person and everyone else thinks they are wonderful.  So nice, and friendly, and bubbly, and smart, and loving, and compassionate, blah blah blah—how could you NOT like them???!!!  *gasp*  Laurel, you must be horrible for not liking this awesome, amazing person!  This is what they think if ever I say something bad—yet truthful—about this particular person.

At first, I liked her too.  For a year, maybe two, I thoght she was friendly and pretty and on the surface seemed nice to everyone.  It wasn’t until spring break things went sour.  Quick synopsis:  Noah’s Ark =crazy busy during spring break.  Over a hundred boarding animals to walk, feed, clean, and treat—twice a day.  Employees expected to work extra.  This person came extra during spring break for the first time—the spring break before she went on vacation, leaving us short.  Anyway, did a good job during the week, working extra.  She got seriously disgruntled about having to do the extra though.  Her attitude went downhill fast.  Everyone MUST work extra, by the way.  P.S.  we get rewarded with nice bonuses after that week, so it’s not all for nothing.

Then, Friday, busy, busy Friday—doesn’t show up to her scheduled shift!!!  Leaves us short.  Doesn’t answer phone calls.  Shows up 2-3 hours late with no explanation, no excuse. Laughing and talking with everyone as if nothing happened. Laurel avoids her.  I’m mad about the lame-ass move, but I’m not the boss, it’s not my place to reprimand her.  I plan to leave it alone and avoid her for awhile while I cool off.  This girl gets pissed at me—confronts me while we’re walking that day!  Says, “Are you MAD at me?”  Well, I’m not gonna lie about it—I say, “It’s not the coolest to not show up for your scheduled shift the busiest week of the year.”  I wasn’t too, too hostile either—we had class together 4 days a week, we were lab partners, we worked the same weekends—I had to see the girl all the time. I’m not stupid, I didn’t want things to be all awkward or angry between us.  She got all curt and said, “hmmm, good to know.”  I was gonna let it go and pretend it didn’t happen.  She would not talk to me, told other people I was “ugly” to her, and had the audacity to accuse me of being a lazy worker–which anyone can tell you is NOT true!  To this day, she is pissed at me.  Just for answering her question.  That’s the whole story—she is pissed I held her accountable-boo hoo.

She may have the rest of the world fooled, but I can see what she’s about.  It will catch up with her too.  One day, maybe, if karma exists.  I wish other people could see that she hasn’t been held accountable in her whole life, isn’t dependable or responsible, and doesn’t actually care about people like she portrays.  The only reason she’s ever nice is because she needs something or she feels sorry for you-ahhh!

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