Redneck, Trailer Trash–yeah that’s me [6-27-07]

1 Jan

At least it will be.

Ironically, I have to move back to Nevada (from Missouri) to be trailer trash.  I know it’s hard to believe–my standard of life was higher in MO!  Despite news coverage of toothless rednecks whose double wide was just hit by a tornado speaking with an accent–MO is actually really nice.  Columbia anyway.  Probably the small towns are a little closer to what the news portrays.  I’m going to leave my nice new apartment that has a balcony and a pool to live in a 5th wheel. It will be *awesome* that’s sarcasm if you didn’t notice.  I should get a lawn chair and some wife beaters and sit outside my 5thwheel with a beer and a shotgun in my hand–just to complete the stereotype. Just call me Laurel-Bob from here on out.

I mean, it’s cool.  It won’t be the best time ever, but it will make for good stories.  I am doing whatever it takes to get into vet school next year.  I made the waiting list this year (they let in 16 out-of staters and 12 pre-vet scholars) which is fairly good considering there are not a lot of spots to fill.  Anyway, I was super-scared to give my notice at work. I mean, summer is our the busiest time, and they’re already going to be short several people. Plus I do the work of 3 employees *joke* so they’ll miss me. It went better than I could have imagined though–everyone was supportive. . . To my face, which I guess I prefer anyway.

By the way, I wanna thank all of you guys for your housing suggestions and offers–it was really helpful. It’s super-cool to have a little friend network! Now my next delimma is getting my cats to the desert. A 25 hour drive with cats would be awful. I have to fly my cats to Nevada, and the airlines only let people have 1 animal at a time. Does anyone from Nevada want a free trip to Missouri? I need a friend to travel to Missouri and back to NV so both my cats can make the flight. The dates of travel are flexible, as is the length of the trip. It just needs to be in the first 2 weeks of August. If you go with me, I’ll pay for your flight and take you to see Kansas City, Columbia, and Saint Louis. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Let me know ASAP if you wanna help!


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