Selling My Eggs (and I’m Not Talking Poultry) [9-14-08]

1 Jan

Oh, this is a little delayed.  I have actually been working on this endeavor since April or May.  I didn’t want to blog about it until it was a done-deal though.

I have been strapped for cash, you know needing to pay off credit cards, school loans, fix my car or buy a functional new one, or one of another billion things that I can’t afford on my current salary.  I work a lot, I just don’t have my big girl job yet, that’s all.  Anyway, I was selling things on Craigslist, doing whatever to make some money.  Rather than go to Moundhouse, I decided to sell my ova to an infertile couple.  No, not on the street, or as part of some weird three-some, or anything like that.  There is a reputable reproductive hospital in.  Kansas City that I found online.

The great thing is that there aren’t really any downsides.  The hormones are regular birth control then a couple of other dugs that have little to no side effects.  The number of eggs they take are no more than I would expel during a normal cycle, and I will still be able to have children if I want.    The surgery is as non-evasive as you can get—performed with a laser.  It’s all completely annomous.  Tiny-MEs will be running around KC, and the family can chose to send letters or photos or not.  The kid could find me when they are 18, but I’m ok with that—it might actually be cool to preview what my child might look like.

It’s a win-win deal.  Some couple who isn’t able to conceive a child will be given a family, and I will make $3,750.  Also, I can donate more than once—making the same money every time.  You can’t say no to that!


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