Sickness to my Body–> College Retrospective 3

1 Jan

I turned 21, my second year in Missouri, which is always a cool milestone. I didn’t really know anyone, but a party was scraped together. I ended up drinking 15 shots of orange vodka. My party started at 5 pm and it was over by 8 pm–didn’t take long. It was not smart, and I don’t recommend being that stupid, ps–I can’t even use orange mouthwash. The evening was characterized by drooling on someone’s leg, playing “crack the egg” on the trampoline (drunk people don’t win, btw), and passing out before dark. Random people still remind me of embarrassing moments from that night. I do have to thank “you know who” for sticking a finger down my throat and helping me vomit. I quite possibly could have had alcohol poisoning if I hadn’t of vomited right away. I guess I’ll never forget my birthday. . .

That year was also the year I accidentally poisoned myself (no, not alcohol poisoning). I bought TGI Friday mudslide mix (it was not in the refrigerator section) over Thanksgiving break. I took one drink, then put it on the wine cart for later. A month or 2 later, I thought it was a good idea to have a glass of mudslide during a rousing game of Sorry with Sarah and Lisa. An hour later, I felt parched and like I had to throw up. I thought, wow, my tolerance is low, how am I drunk from 1 (regular sized) glass?! A half hour later, and every half hour for the next 12 hours, I vomited. I couldn’t eat anything though I was starving, couldn’t drink water though I was completely desiccated, couldn’t keep Pedialite down to aid in the dryness, nothing. I had to call in sick both times that day (it was a Sunday) and my tongue turned black by 8 pm. I was taken to the ER (thanks for that.) and they said I was dehydrated-duh! I was given fluids and anti-nausea injection, and sent home. I guess you have to REFRIDGERATE those mixes after opening them–non-dairy does not mean there is no milk. .

This was also the year I had my bike accidents. I was riding through a parking lot and my pants go caught in the chain. I looked down for an instant (just ONE second) to release my pants, and a car backed out in front of me. Yeah, I hit a professor–mortification! Another time, I was leaving the physics building during a rain storm. My foot slipped off the wet peddle when I was trying to turn and I hit my head on a brick wall. It didn’t hurt THAT much, but it did injure my pride. Of course some dude was sitting outside (who sits outside in the rain?!) right at the wall I hit. My face was inches from his when I crashed–awful! The 3rd accident was the worst. I was again riding in the rain (the no rain-riding rule was instilled later) and went to turn a corner at the bottom of a slight hill. My bike slid on the wet pavement at the bottom of the hill and I fell off. I tried to get back on the bike (I’m hard-core like that) but it HURT. I walked the rest of my bike a long way home, in pain. OK, it’s TMI time. If you don’t want a personal story or goriness, skip to the next paragraph. Crucial info: When I get home I usually have to pee. I blame it on my STS (safe toilet syndrome) a real medical condition, by the way. I learned about it on the Oprah show, and it means you don’t like public bathrooms–I don’t, and I can hold it all day (sometimes 9+ hours) until I get home. Anyway, back to the story: It hurt to urinate! I had never gone to a gyno, and was terrified of getting naked in front of anyone else. The pain was so severe that I went to the Student Health Center the next day–you KNOW it was bad if I went to the “lady doctor.” I had sustained a 4th degree laceration across my *throat clearing*.Believe it or not, these weren’t the worst parts of this year. . .

On a more positive note, I went to my favorite race in the history of NASCAR, the Bristol night race. It is the most awesome race ever because it’s a hugely banked super-speedway, meaning lots of wrecks. I stayed in Knoxville, 2 hours away from the race. The day of the race, I had severe cramps, I mean incapacitating, double you over, make you wanna cry, cramps. After a long drive, with lots of pain, we arrived at the race. We got closer to the speedway (you have to walk, no matter how good the parking is, and we got GREAT parking) and I was searching for the tickets.

Suddenly, and horrifyingly, I remembered they were in my suitcase–in the hotel. . . 2 hours away. Oh no! We had to drive 2 hours back to Knoxville, get the tickets, then fight traffic (b/c by that time everyone and their brother was driving to the race) the full 2+ hours back to the track. I was in trouble to say the least. That’s how bad my cramps are though! The race was really cool. I was surprised how, at the end of the race, beer was dripping from the rafters-ha ha. I fell in love w/Knoxville, TN as well. It was a fun trip, despite the company–c’mon, no one could ruin Bristol! I think it would even be fun to go with Hitler–it’s THAT kind of race. Nothing much happened that year, just school. I still had my wonderful Noah’s Ark job, and loved it. One last milestone was September 14th, which marked my freedom and I’m still thankful for that.


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