Surgery #2 [12-6-08]

1 Jan

I had my second surgery yesterday.  This one hurts a slightly more.  Who knows why.  Last time, I didn’t follow any of the aftercare instructions, and I went right back to work the next day.  This time, I feel sort of like I have a side ache across my entire abdomen.  I can’t imagine lifting anything!  I’m uncomfortable ALL the time.  I’m also really tired, but I can’t sleep because things are a little tender. . .  Needless to say, I didn’t go to work today and won’t be going back tomorrow. . .

It might not have been the preeminent (did I use that right?) idea to have a chicken chimichunga, salty tortilla chips, a margarita, and peanut M&Ms the night before surgery.  I forgot I wasn’t permitted to eat or drink after midnight, and my surgery wasn’t until 1 pm the next afternoon.  Needless to say, I was thirsty the next morning!  This might account for the fact that they couldn’t get any blood out of me.  I was probably thoroughly dehydrated and I was cold to boot.

It took probably 30 minutes, 5 nurses, and so many needle sticks that I lost count, to finally find my vein.  I was bright and upbeat the whole time though, cause I figured my blood draw karma was coming back to haunt me.  Mostly, I get blood without difficulty, but there are times at work when I can’t find a vein, have to poke numerous times, or end up digging around.  Sidenote:  It’s not the poking that hurts, it’s the digging!

The top of both hands, my wrists, both forearms, and the inside of my elbows are all critically sore!  I also have multiple, diminutive bruises, even though I never bruise!  By the way, the contusions hardly show the pain I feel—NOT fair!


For part 2 of the story:  My memory sucked a lot when I woke up.  Last time, I remembered all the details:  The nurse roused me, I said 6 on the pain scale even though I felt a 2-3, and I chatted with the nurses, begging for extra food.

I don’t recollect waking up this time.  I also don’t remember what number I gave on the pain scale.  Apparently, it wasn’t high enough to warrant extra drugs.  I tried to change my pain digit, but the nurse said my first answer was final. . . Pity, I’m putting 6 in my mind for next time.  I am much more sore this time—probably cause I didn’t get that extra hit of injectables!

The first thing my (male) nurse said was, “Let me check your pad.”  What?!  I was super-mortified.  Both by the fact I was wearing a pad, and because a total man-stranger wanted to look under my gown.  How much worse could it get?!

Since we were now so intimate, I felt like we should conversate.  I asked my nurse what he was doing for Christmas.  He said, “You just asked me that!”  Oh. . .  I didn’t remember the response, or asking the question.  I guess one of the side effects of the anesthetic is short term memory loss.  I tried another inquiry, I don’t even remember what is was now, but he said, “I already told you.”  I DO remember him mentioning his girlfriend of 5 years a bunch of times.  I don’t know what I said, but evidently it led him to believe I was hitting on him. Maybe he was just one of those lame guys that thinks he’s hot and EVERY girl is hitting on him.  I wasn’t, by the way—far from it!

Well, I hope I remember posting this, and I sincerely hope I feel better tomorrow.  I want to enjoy my day off!

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