Tipsy on a Sunday-Not Conducive to Success in School [8-28-06]

1 Jan

So I didn’t take advantage of an opporitunity to go drinking on Thursday.  Friday, we went to STL, but drinking plans didn’t work out.  We came home sober, yet still managed to get in trouble?  Everyone thinks we got trashed–nope.  Saturday, went to a precipitate party and (trashy) Snappers–went home sober–again.  So what do I do Sunday?  I hastily go to a BBQ where I don’t know anyone and impulsively proceed to make up for the rest of the weekend by rashly drinking-probably too much.  I didn’t DO anything really crazy or reckless (unless you were one of the 3 to read my desperation blog), but not so good for a Sunday.  Oh well, it’s back to the books this week and work this weekend.  There won’t be any more impetuous fun-times for a couple more weeks–and by then, I’ll have exams, I’m sure.

I know I’m making poor and ill-considered academic/social choices.  I blame it on:  1.  I am burned out from summer school.  I never really got a break (the 2 wks I had off were filled w/parents and then responsibilites).  2.  I have no computer.  I have to go to school to do any typing, etc. . .  This takes travel time AND, those of you who know me know I don’t like to leave my house.  3.  I THOUGHT I was paniky (this isn’t spelled correctly, hmmm don’t know what it is though) about not having a relationship/sex.  But no, I realized I am concerned about being isolated again, b/c my best pal is moving in the near future.  Therefore, I am putting myself in headlong situations I would otherwise avoid.  Nice people (all 3 of the groups I’m referring to), but I hardly want to enter into the spider web of drama.  I’ve read the blogs from the one group and heard some (probably the tamest) of the stories.  I want to have my peers in my life, but I have no time for that kind of hurried craziness.

I really need to get myself together and stop being desperate.  It will be good for me to focus on school. . .  At least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself.


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