Whistle While You Work [8-4-08]

1 Jan

My last day off was July 17.  Here is a tally of what has happened, just so you can feel appropriately sorry for me.  Here goes:


So far, I have worked 18 days in a row.

17 of those days I did the treatments in the afternoon (1 Wednesday a vet did them).

16 of those days Dr. Greg was working as well.

15 of those days, I took calls from retarded people (we don’t answer the phones on Sunday)

14 of those days I drank when I got home.

13 of those days it was unbearably humid—the other 5 were rainy.

There is a gap in the days that I am unable to fill. . .

9 of those days, there were 100 or more animals boarding.

8 of those days were 10.5 hours long—that means no breaks, not even lunch.

7 of those days were supposed to be my day off.

6 of those days were part of a weekend.

5 of those days I was 1 of only 3 people walking dogs.

4 of those days I had to bathe 5-15 dogs.

3 of the days 10 other people were working with me, which made me want to leave.

I have 2 more days in this string of working.

Oh, and 1 of those days, there was only 1 other person walking dogs with me.




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