F-You Mean Proctor Lady! [initially posted 9-24-07]

2 Jan

I had to take the GRE again today.  I have already taken it twice.  My first score was mediocre—I didn’t study one bit, and guess what?  It showed.  The second time I studied a lot and got a decent score.  I wanted a stellar score for vet school applications so I signed up for the third time.  Well, actually it was the fourth time.  I signed up last winter on a Saturday we worked—hey if I have to take an exam I might as well get out of work, right?  I had a test that next week though, so I skipped the GRE to study for school.  The people at the test center weren’t happy about it either.  They definitely called my job asking where I was. . .  A sidenote:  Some retard didn’t show up for work that weekend, so they were a person short.  Just one person short, because I was responsible and got someone to cover for me.  Still, it did not look great when I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.  Anyway, so the GRE and I aren’t exactly friends.

I studied over the summer, but when school started—well, you know how that goes. Everything but school gets put on the back-burner.  So I haven’t really looked at the GRE stuff for a month.  I signed up to take the test on a Saturday (yuck, I know) because the rest of the week my schedule is filled with school and work.  I did sign up for the latest time possible though—1 pm.  The testing center (the ONE center in northern Nevada) is in Reno of course, so I had to leave an hour before the test to make it on time.  This morning there was rain and stuff so I just went to Reno about 9 am.  I went to Starbucks to study, then I grabbed a sandwich for lunch.  It was only 11am, and I was running really early so I stopped by the mall too—just to kill time.  Finally, around 12:15 I made my way to Sylvan Learning Center.  I sat in my car and ate my lunch, then around 12:30 pm I decided I would just go in early and wait.  It was really quiet inside, so I told the lady at the desk I thought I was taking the GRE at 1 pm.  She said, “Actually, you were supposed to be here at 11:30 am.”  The usual me would have been freaking out.  Freaking out would be an understatement in my usual world.  Nope, I was calm and collected, not even having a SECRET heart attack.  I figured I already had scores, having a stroke would not help my new scores, and it was too late to do anything about it now, so why stress.  Not like me, but I’m laid back (somewhat) these days.

While everyone (who have been taking the test for the last hour) is typing away, I have to write out the rules paragraph, get my picture taken, show my ID, sign a paper, put my stuff in a locker, etc. . .  Also, as I was doing this the moderator was saying how she could have decided not to let me take the exam after I was a half hour late.  She was saying how now they would have to stay late for me.  Normal Laurel would have been hyperventilating—I wasn’t though.  I was calm and cool through all of it.

I did have somewhat of a strategy for catching up.  Writing sections don’t really matter for vet school.  I rushed through the two writing sections in about 20 minutes (you are allotted 75 minutes for both).  Those scores will suck, but whatever.  I did excellent on the writing portions the 1st 2 times I took the GRE.   I worked through the entire test, then the last question is “do you want to report your scores?”  I knew I shouldn’t—the test-taking circumstances were not even close to optimal.  I sat there though and thought about that $200 I would be wasting, well $450 if you count the first GRE I missed and the rescheduling fees.  I just couldn’t waste that money—not while I don’t have any.  So against my better judgment I had my scores reported.

My scores—were the best yet!  I would consider these pretty good scores-yay.  Oh, and by the way, mean moderator lady—I finished the test an hour EARLY.  That’s right, I came an hour late and still finished an hour early—with good scores.  Take that—haters!  I’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye West’s “Stronger,” and just felt like saying that 😉



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