Fuck the Po-lice [9-2-07]

2 Jan

Ok, I’ve been sucking at blogs lately.  I work all day twice a week, go to school (in Reno) twice a week, and observe at a large animal hospital (in Reno) once a week.  Oh, and my internet situation has been sucking.  I finally get internet on my laptop after working with T-mobile for 2 weeks–I am so tired of being transferred from person to person!!!  The day I get wireless internet, my keyboard decides to not type random letters-ugh!  Letters in all my passwords–ahhhhh.  So here is a short story for you.  And PS–I will catch up on the back blogs.  I have lots of stories from my move still. . .

Remember my 1st speeding ticket?  I had to pay $503 for going 9 over on the highway.  No other offense just 9 over.  So fast forward.  I’m driving the hour home from Reno after a long day at school.  I’m taking 16 credits back to back for 9+ hours in a row twice a week, btw.  I’m tired, I’m hungery, I have to get home to let Foley out.  I get to Carson and leave the freeway.  Lights behind me.  I don’t think I was speeding, but you never know.  The cop tells me I have a headlight out.  Fine, fine, no big deal.  He wants to see my registration.  I randomly don’t have it.  Did the Saint Joseph police officer take it?  Probably–I just had it a month ago. . .  The Carson cop is convince this isn’t my car–or else I put someone else’s plates on my car–I didn’t.  I sit there for 20 min–20 min!–while he tries to determine if I’m driving my own registered car.  Bastard gives me a ticket–ugh.  I go on my way.  I make it past Moundhouse and another cop pulls me over!!!  At this point, I’m belligerant.  I thrust my license and the ticket out the window to him and say “I know my headlight is out.”  He says in a mock sad voice–“Oh when did you get a ticket?”  I respond, “2 minutes ago!”  He looks and sees it was just up the street that I got pulled over.  After asking where I’m coming from and where I’m going he sends me on my way.

So after never having been stopped by the police, I was stopped 3 times in the last month–2 times in 2 minutes!!!  Could my luck get worse?



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