Homeless + vocab

2 Jan

At the acme of my worst financial situation, I was lucky to have people who were able to provide financial support, so I wasn’t at risk of becoming homeless.  I can’t imagine losing my job and having to abdicate my house.  Instances of homelessness could be reduced substantially if people would just abstain from drugs.  I advocate laws that keep homeless out of sight and away from the public–desperate people could do anything.  When you are in money trouble, you need to react with alacrity to avoid real trouble.  Government assistance alleviates a lot of hardship, but they don’t have enough money to support everyone–and there is a lot of hoop-jumping required.

The life of a homeless person must be so ambiguous–I can’t imagine having no place to go and no schedule or routine.  Something arbitrary could happen to anyone and cause them financial trouble–especially if no one is in a position to help them when they need it.  A strung out person probably could not articulate that they need help–so they will get more and more desperate.  I have a constant phobia that the homeless will assail me to rob, rape, and render me dead.

Bifurcating with an addiction is very difficult and requires outside help in most cases.  I think there are government programs designed to teach a technical skill or provide education so the homeless can bolster their position in life.  Irresponsible people, who live only for bonhomie can get themselves in economic trouble quickly.  Hopefully when the economy recovers, jobs will burgeon, and there will be less homeless people.

It is so annoying that homeless people feel they have to deface underpasses and train cars and walls with their graffiti.  I giveencomium to the people charitable enough to help the homeless with donations or time.  People should be able to forestallpoverty at least enough to keep shelter.  For some reason, the homeless are the most gregarious when they are outside of grocery stores.  I feel sorry for veterans and other people with mental disorders that end up homeless-as a nation it isgrievous that we treat war heroes and incompetents with such disdain.  It comes down to the fact that people heterogeneousto well-adjusted population are homeless-they fail somehow.  In my mind, it takes some time to become impecunious–it seems people should be able to avoid it.  People that are traversing through some addiction or that have some sort of mental disability are often impetuous–so that could explain some of the poeple that have no shelter.

If I were homeless I would be terrified–I would hardly remain imperturbable.  The transient people are either that way because they were bad in someway or get impious as a result of such a hard life.  The only reason people would be living outside rather than in a shelter is they are somehow intractable, addicted to some substance, or are otherwise unable to follow the rules.  Maybe my phobia has made more invidious towards the homeless–but I feel the fear is based on fact.  I believe homeless people are in that situation because they have made decisions that are less than judicious.

There must be a juncture in someone’s life where they just give in to what ever tribulation they are wading through and decide they don’t care if they have a place to live.  If homeless people could kindle any motivation there are always crap-jobs they could do–even felons.

When the homeless approach me, I am laconic as possible and attempt to disengage, because I am afraid of what they might do to me.  The homeless people fording the viscous Spokane River were languidly drinking beer when we saw them at 10:30 AM one Sunday morning.  What do you expect if you are nothing but listless?  Of course you will lose everything!  On one hand the number of homeless people makes me lugubrious, but on the other, I can’t help to think they are responsible for their situation.

When Mike brought the homeless girl into our house, I was very mannered, and didn’t know how to act.  Tabitha talked about volunteering with the homeless, but it was more meretricious than sincere.  I wonder if homeless people ever feel mirthagain?  It is ostensible that homeless people lived a smart, pious life and just fell on hard times that could not be avoided–but it doesn’t seem to happen that way often.  When I see the homeless people walking around the community, they are always cursing and loud, very plebeian in character.  If people spent wisely and used more prudence in financial decisions, there wouldn’t be nearly as many homeless people.  If I were homeless, I would be hustling to improve my situation, but it seems the people I see living on the streets are quiescent and glutinously resigned to their fate.

The “Ellen” episode where she unknowingly invites a homeless man to her repast is easy to criticize–they were so awkward!  Like addicts, probably every single thing that comes out of a homeless person’s mouth can be repudiated.  People are usually reticent about why they are living on the streets-it’s probably not a pretty story.  A lot of homeless people usetangential reasoning for why they are in dire straights–them blame other people.  Homeless people are quick to go into atirade about how it isn’t their fault. . .  Yeah. . .  Maybe if their parents had given an damn and upbraided their kids when they were naughty, teaching them responsibility, those kids wouldn’t have grown up and failed at life to become homeless.

Panhandlers are so verbose about their need–when does pride go out the window?  Kids can be whimsical, but if they don’t have a grip on reality as adults, they will be at risk.  At night, walking alone, I see wraiths of homeless people and transients in my mind’s eye.  Living outside, by a river, especially in a northern state could be zephyr and thickly cold in a hurry.

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