Identity Theft [10-31-10]

2 Jan

I tried to fill the car with gas, but the pump didn’t accept my debit card–it was declined inside as well, but I figured it was because the card was wizened and too bendy to read.  I called the bank to make an inquest about the status of my card because I know there is plenty of money in my account.  I hate the usury tacts my bank uses with my credit card-so I have a natural distrust of them.  At first, I thought it was some mistake and was belligerent for the inconvenience–but then I grewmonastic when I realized my account had been compromised.  Once I realized there was a problem I fervidly tried to find out how someone had gleaned my card information when the card had always been in my possession.

A criminal coterie in Seattle was putting card skimmers (they copy the magnetic strip on debit and credit cards to store and make a copy-card to be used later) everywhere including:  Gas stations, ATM machines, and stores such as Barnes & Noble’s.  When even your own (loan-sharking) bank’s ATM could be tainted by a skimmer who can a person trust?!  I wanted to investigate what businesses were affected but the list was so long, and there are unknown places, so it was impossible to find out where my card info was reaped.

I hope the boor who took my debit card numbers gets the effing felony they deserve!  I have much antipathy for anyone who would do this to innocent people.  The very next day, Cool called her bank to inquest why her debit card was denied at Win-Co.  She became impassioned when they told her she had fraudulent charges in California.

The animus, jerk-criminals who had stolen my debit number had licentiously stolen hers at the same time.  She actually got a lot further in her quest to find the person, because her abhorrent criminal had spent the money at Wal-Mart–where they videotape customer transactions.  My probe was stopped before it really started, because the Toys R Us charge had been denied so I didn’t know the location or time it took place, and I didn’t think Bed, Bath, & Beyond filmed their customers.

I am a supporter of throwing the book at these repugnant people–even if ultimately the banks are the only victim.  Along with the antagonistic card skimmers placed all over Western Washington, crooks are wantonly writing people’s card numbers, simply taking phone pictures of the card, or using mini skimmers to steal card info when the debit card is out of the patron’s sight.  The police and even secret service have been probing the case and it is on a national level.  So far the hated, fraudulent group has garnered, acquired, amassed, harvested, gathered, numbers from over 50,000 cards!  It’s hard to believe vulgarians like this are getting away with such fraudulent behaviors–it makes me very hostile.

I am going to have to begin being monastic about where I use my debit card.  We have both forsworn using our debit cards at the pump, I have rejected using my card at any restaurant, and I’m going to try to retract my frequent usage of my card all-together in favor my cash.  I was hoping that if someone had stolen my identity, the loathed criminals would pay back my undergrad loans which feature usury interest rates.  I was afraid whoever stole my digits would sully my good credit–I didn’t know how much info they had garnered.  Luckily, it seems the banks are acting an an exponent for their customers, rather than drawing out the experience and repulsively making people fight to get their money back.

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