San Fran Fun-Times Part 2.3

2 Jan

And now for the fun of San Francisco.  I was not going to waste the trip (remember it took an hour to park) so we decided to try to find another place to eat in Castro.  We settled on a sushi place right on Church Street.  We ended up getting 4 different rolls for $16!!!!  Can you believe that—just $16 for all that sushi.  What a deal.  You could never get that much for so little at Saki!  Sure, it made us both slightly sick later on, but c’mon–$16!!! I’ll take a little mild sickness for that price.  Did I mention it is freezing in San Fran?  Yeah, I forgot about that small detail and did not have a coat, sweater, long sleeve shirt, nothing. So the walking business was not the greatest.  We were making the trek to the car, all the way back to the f-ing car, and saw a karaoke bar!  Sarah and I have been looking for a karaoke place all summer so it was perfect.  We go in and begin the drinking, because obviously both of us are far too reserved to sing sober.  Other people were going up and signing drunk as well.  Kimmie managed to belt out a song perfectly despite the fact she was super-trashed and got distracted playfully kicking one of the patrons towards the end of her song.  Then, came Mark-e-Mark.  He was so drunk-E-drunk he could not stand up.  This guy almost fell trying to get up on stage than he missed the beginning of his song—twice.  Sidenote:  I’ve been there, sir.  Unfortunately when I was super-trashed I couldn’t hear, let alone, read my music.  I missed the entire song!  Back to Mark-E-Mark: Amazingly though, he could still sing.  He also was able to sing his song quite well.  He didn’t even read the words—he couldn’t have at that point in his drunkenness!  Finally, it was Sarah and my turn.  We decided to do a duet to have moral support.  Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” has never sounded so—uh good.  Yes, that’s how I remember it—it was a rousing rendition–amazing 😉  Then we had to walk back to the car.  Remember that empty street I decided not to park on?  Good thing, there were definitely creepies leering around there.  We did the keys through the fingers trick just in case.


Day 2 of the big Fran.  I decided there would be no more driving in the city.  I didn’t think my brakes could make it, the parking situation sucked, and it meant I had to remain sober the whole time-uh, no.  I called BART and found they had a station at the airport-our hotel was close to it too.  Plenty of parking there-yay!  So we took public transport the entire 2nd day and things worked out much better!  First stop was fisherman’s warf.  We get off BART and had a way to go before we’re at the warf.  That’s ok, the lady at transportation services told me to take a bus from BART.  So we wait for a bus and find one that goes in the vicinity of the piers.  When getting on, I try to give the driver cash—he waves me on in (without paying) all impatient.  So I guess you pay when you get off? Other people leave the bus and they have tickets.  I’m freaking out—we have no tickets. What will happen?  Will he let us off the bus?  Do we have to ride around for the rest of the day?  Are we going to be arrested for cheating the bus system?  How will we pay? Oh and where exactly are we supposed to get off the bus?  This worried train of thought doesn’t make a lot of sense, but this is how my mind works.  I’m high-strung, what can I say?  Just before I have a stroke, we decide to get off the bus randomly.  We just pick the next stop, as we don’t know where we are anymore.  The driver opens the door—and steps off the bus.  Weird. . .  I guess he had to go to the bathroom?  Can they just leave like that?  He did.  I don’t know.  We got off the bus though—without ever paying. So a free bus ride was had. . .

We walked the rest of the way to the piers, not wanting to have any more public transit confusion.  On the way, Sarah noticed that I had glitter on my arms.  I didn’t put glitter on that morning, or lotion, or perfume—I was marked with the secret sparkle 😉  Crazy. Anyway, I love the piers!  It’s probably my favorite place in San Fran.  We watched the sea lions for awhile.  They are very humorous.  My descriptions of their activity would not do them justice, you have to see it for yourself.  Next we ate lunch on the pier.  It was a super-nice restaurant!  Sarah and I had clams, bread, sea food—the works.  And you know the sea food is no Midwest “sea food.”  It was fresh and delicious like I haven’t had in forever.  We also had Cape Island Iced teas (or some other island besides the regular “Long.”  We also had a bottle of wine-yum.  It was tasty and did wonders to calm my nerves.


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