Funding [11-8-08]

9 Jan


I FINALLY got into vet school, but am having trouble raising enough money to go. The liberal tuition expense  is around $22,000 a term. My non-generous school loan covers tuition only. . .
On top of that, I have to pay generously for a plane ticket to get there, get housing, pay for manditory health insurance, get vaccinated (the 3 rabies vaccines alone are $663!), not to mention afford food while I’m there!  The fees are lavish.
To defray costs, I had the progressive idea of  making a cook book as a fund-raiser. This is where you come in: Submit any amazing recipies to me via a myspace/facebook message or e-mail. Your open-mindedness will be credited appropriately in the book, and would be helping me a lot!
Oh, and later, you (and your broad-minded, bounteous friends) can buy a book that has your own munificent creation featured 🙂 Stellar for all!



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