Ev-the-Bitch and Douchi-Brothers [3-10-10]

11 Jan

It really is difficult getting in the mindset to post superficial nonsense in a blog, rather than a well-thought entry.  Here’s the latest:

Work is still not the coolest.  It won’t be until a certain high-strung, irritable someone retires.  It makes me irascible.  Whatever.  Disengage.

Speaking of disengage–that is the plan with Kidron’s antagonizing douchi (plural of douche) roommates.  They were evicted at least–never thought THAT would actually happen.  They are still technically staying until the end of the month though.  I hate them, and don’t want to see them, so as not to unleash my hostility towards them!  Anyway, they hate paying their bills, so try to find any excuse whatsoever not to pay.  It’s super lame.

I was the latest reason they thought they shouldn’t have to pay.  Background:  Kidron and I split our time between my bedroom at my auntie’s house and her shared room.  It is an adverse situation, with no stability to say the least.  This means we sleep at either place only HALF of the time.  Also, we both work, so we’re never at either place during the day–we are at a coffee shop now.  Also, whatever we use (at either place) we use together.  We use the same lights, the same shower water, etc, etc. . .  I am never at Kidron’s if she isn’t there and vice versa.

Well, this didn’t stop the dissident douchi brothers from blaming ME for the water and electric bill.  No, you ornery mofos–it could have something to do with the fact that you two are home 24/7 since you don’t have JOBS.  It couyd also be due to the fact you are awake and playing video games all night instead of sleeping.  Or maybe, because you insist on leaving unused lights on for hours. . .  Jesus.  We don’t even leave Kidron’s bedroom when we are there.  Mainly because the freakin’ house is so messy, but also because we are recalcitrant about not wanting to see the douchi brothers who are always in the wider house.  It makes a person cantankerous to never sleep, put up with constant messes, and have to deal with these dudes not wanting to pay their own way.  Grrrrrr–leave already, and stop bothering us about OUR usage of the utilities.

I have to finish 3 paintings today.  I will tie Kidron’s arms behind her back so she can’t paint so quickly. . .

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