Random Blog [3-5-10]

11 Jan

My adverse work week was dissident and shitty.  I am getting more and more antagonistic and hostile toward that job.  The ethos there is just contrary to the way I work.  A work culture where nobody chats, no one cares about each other just leaves me feeling empty and depressed.  Let’s not re-hash the entire thing.  I do not even want to think about that unfriendly environment!  I am puzzled why no one initially (within the first 2 seconds of meeting me) liked me, and confused why management, co-workers, and clients alike are either completely frigid to rude to me.  Also I am vexed by the terrible behavior and ethics that are accepted around there.  The whole philosophy of AVH is one I don’t really like:  Bend over for the clients.  We give them same day appointments, let them watch everything we do to the animals, and really have a commercialized “the customer is always right” belief.  Guess what–when it comes to medicine, nutrition, animal care in general, the customer doesn’t always know best!  It is bothersome the clients can walk all over us, irritating that staff is allowed to do nothing during the day, and annoying some of my co-workers are snippy or downright mean and get away with it.  Take home message:  When you start acting like a stupid, recalcitrant bitch, just retire on your own accord so others don’t have to “deal” with you.  Just because you are irked does not give you the right to scream or throw things-Jesus!  Grow up.  Thank you.  I am nettled by one unfair thing or another every day I go to work.
If you are a landlord, especially in Seattle, go fuck yourself.  I am so provoked and exasperated over the Seattle-housing situation it is unbelievable!  You people make me inimical with your stupidity and laziness and ghetto-ness.  Nuff said.  I may be getting a lawyer so I no longer have to think about it.  No use being peeved 24/7.

It’s my day off–yay to that!  I am about to write to Fall Out Boy.  I have this claim without justification about “Dance Dance.”  I know this is the proper name and lyrics of the song.  I presume that the original version that the band FIRST wrote was probably called “Distance.”  Listen to the song, it would make a lot more sense.  I’ll bet that as fans listened, they appropriated the entire meaning of the song.  They would probably belt out what they thought the catchy “lyrics” were and instead of constantly correcting everyone, the band just took the new lyrics eventually.  I’m going to write them to ask if my arrogated theory is the case.

One more thing.  I’m talking to Kidron this morning, about some singer I saw, blah blah.  I tell her this whole story and she is looking at me as if she is listening.  Then, I finish and at the appropriate time for some response she says, “You’re welcome.”  Taken aback, I thought about what I had thanked her for. . .  Nothing.  Weird, I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about.  I looked at her confused and wondering what that pertained to.  She said, “Oh, in my head you just thanked me for coffee.”  Ok. . .  So apparently real Laurel and imaginary Laurel were both talking at once?  Strange moment.

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