Slap a Bitch [original post 3-2-10, vocab added later]

11 Jan

JUST because you are a doctor, does not give you the right to liberally abuse the tolerant staff.  Having a hizzy is not a peccadillo offense when it happens frequently!  I am as open-minded about everyone having a faulted, bad day once in awahile, maybe a misstep or lapse in judgement here and there.  But you are too generous in sharing your negative emotions and too lavish in the number of days this behavior surfaces.  I find this latitudinarian mentality only bested by the munificent response (or no response as the case may be) by the boss.  Employers are failing too, if they allow this sort of thing.  Inappropriate and unprofessional (by all)–mind your fricken’ permissive temper!  Touchy doctors are more than a minor offense–it’s detrimental to the whole hospital.  Their sins carry over into the tone of the workplace, staff, and yes, the care of the clients and patients.  The end.

PS-When can I find more progressive attitudes at a job?

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