Things are Still Not Improving [4-16-10]

11 Jan

I’m still not loving my job.  I predict it isn’t going to get any better for me if it hasn’t done so in the last 6-7 months.  I also prophesize that management will not be pleased that  I want out of there–hospitals are notorious for keeping people even if they don’t like them just to have a body there.  Veterinary hospitals hate change, hate new people, and hate change more than anything!  I have to remember not to feel guilty about wanting to leave.  Having a bad omen about your future at a work place is a terrible feeling.  I want to LIKE my job!  I need to do what’s best for myself and my future career–those people don’t care about me!  My auspices tell me I could get stuck (at a job I hate) working 40 hours a week, unable to leave and pursue my own interests.  Why hold back for them?  I will not let that portent come true so I need to quit–while I still can.  Now if I only had TIME to make a change. . .  I presage that I will be much happier elsewhere–ANYwhere else.

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