Sweet Kidron Updated

13 Jan

This blog is an encomium to Kidron’s superfluity of virtues.  I guess it’s all too easy to get bogged down with life and forget the little things.  A lot of the time, I’m just trying to push through, adhere to the schedule, and meet my goals and I may be a little stolid about my love.  Even when I don’t say it aloud, I know our love is sublime.

I wouldn’t mind if Kidron and I were yoked together for eternity–it wouldn’t be much different from the way things are now.  Her company is superb.  I enjoy every minute I spend with Kidron–never having a banal time.  I could spend a surfeit amount of time with her and never tire of her presence.  As a matter of fact, I WISH instead of working and doing errands we could just spend a glut of time together.    Together, Kidron and I can have serious and meaningful conversations or sportive romps.

It is impossible for us to abstain from a physical manifestation of our love for very long.  And even when we do not have a plethora of sexual encounters, I know the next one will be nice, and meaningful.  My girlfriend is hardly furtive with her affection for me, giving me excess kisses, all the time.  Unlike me who is more reserved and impassive about affection, Cool is downright mushy.  Due to her constant remarks and overabundance of overt actions, “ribald” has become Kidron’s descriptive word.  She makes me laugh so hard, always lampooning or ribbing me about something or other.  Though I don’t voice it constantly, I’m not indifferent or apathetic Cool’s winsome smile still makes me melt.  Together, Kidron and I make a lot of neologisms such as “crowd-pleaser.”

Kidron’s astrological sign is Gemini, which she doesn’t really fit, save for her mercurial nature.  Though she HATES to hear it, Kidron has a scintilla of her father’s quixotic nature.  Even though we’re very different, Kidron’s morals and lofty values are homogeneous with my own, though our pasts are varied.  Kidron’s usual imperturbability is a good balance for my high-strung nature.  Even if I don’t say a word, Kidron understands the nuance of my current mood.  I am certain Kidron will never commit any iniquities against me.  I know Kidron’s love for me will never waver.  I like that I can trust and depend on her.

I could give Kidron kudos all day–but you’d get tired of the maudlin display.  Just know my heart dilates every day I’m with my soul-mate.

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