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Noah’s Ark Brainstorm

22 Jan

heavy, wooden door; kennel room, grooming room, and the runs; shiny, metal cages, blue-gray walls, streaked with dirt, etc; tile floor; shelves containing cleaning supplies; colorful leashes hanging from the shelf; black garbage can containing food; white bathtub; dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors; feces; urine puddles; muddy/poopy footprints; silver bowls, colored towels; stacks of folded laundry

mud; browned grass; trees; black asphalt of the parking lot; silver chain-link fence; blue hospital; billboards on the side of the highway; cloudy, gray sky; dirty concrete; hose; hill-side; the mall in the distance; cars; grass; colored leashes; co-workers; dogs

shelves of neatly lined food bins; tall, white kennels; tile floor; silver exam table; dirty litter-boxes; feces; vomit; wet and dry food; streaks of pink Amoxicillin; cats of all colors, sizes; colored towels/blankets; plastic, square, blue litter pans; stack of newspaper; grimy trash can

barking; whining; shouting of co-workers; sometimes rain drops; water from the bathtub; water filling water dishes; water spraying runs; silver dishes clattering; the scraping of kennels being cleaned; spraying of Rocal; footsteps; running; clamor; doors slamming; brush scrubbing run walls; dry food being scooped; things getting knocked over

sucking-sound of boots in mud; panting; dogs running; stories and laughter of co-workers; traffic from highway below and mall and parking lot; the ding of clients coming and going from the hospital; slamming of kennel doors; barking; baying; distant sound of scrubbing & water spraying in runs; barking from inside the building

meowing; hissing; growling; spraying of Roccal;

feces; urine; dog food; wet-dog; Roccal; bleach; humidity; diarrhea; vomit;

humidity; grass; mildewing mud; plants; dirt; rain;

ammonia; urine; diarrhea; vomit; cat-food; tuna;

moisture; leashes; fur; slickness of bleach/cleaning product; gritty, dry food;  wood of cleaning-brush handle; heavy boots on feet; crisp scrubs; sometimes sweaty scrubs; sometimes cold scrubs; sticky; grimy door handles; dog tongues; sharp teeth

sometimes grubby gloves; stiff leashes; mud; spongy ground; slick grass; tugging on the leash; jerk of dog trying to go; thud of dog paws on chest/back; slobber; spatters of stuff from dogs’ fur when they shake; cold, metal fences

fur; slimy wet-food; dry food; teeth; claws; soft towels; squishy poo;

salty urine; the smells;

spatters of stuff from dog fur; urine; mud’ crunchy dirt flecks; rain drops; soft snow flakes

sweet, bubble-gum Amoixicillin; tuna