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Cat’s Meow Eval

24 Jan

I had my 3 month evaluation today and one of the (few) things that needed improvement was my organization.  Meaning, I catalog and itemize things too much–as if that’s possible.  It seems every veterinary staff is set in their ways–as inefficient or crazy as they may be, and hates for someone to come along and make changes–even if they are for the better.  Veterinary employers get downright surely if I move one thing!  I do not move anything unless it makes more sense!

Before I get too overwrought–I should mention I love my job.  It’s among my favorite jobs ever.  A Christmas bonus would have been nice, but other than that, this veterinary hospital may be my favorite.  Also, I sound much more belligerent and agitated about the few negative aspect of my evaluation than I actually am.  I guess I just disagree with some of my characteristics they do not like as well.  I’m not all that over-done about it–I certainly do not expect anyone to like every single thing about me–nor do I like every portion of other people, or any particular hospital.  Everyone/thing has their flaws.  And those flaws vary between the perspectives of the people seeing them.

Though this is the philosophy of this particular group, I can’t say they are the only ones.  Anyhow, I’ve heard this time and time again at various jobs.  The culture at all veterinary hospitals is change averse, that and they rudely think the way they do things is not only the best way, but the only way. . .  Back to the example of vet ethics and fear of change:  Remember Mary and the DVVH labeling incident.  You would think enumerating items in the cabinets and shelves would be a positive change, but she about had a melt-down over it.  She was so excited over it and took this belief so far as to gruffly remove the typed labels off the cabinets–which I found counter-productive, but it illustrates my point here.  And, God, the time I moved the dog food bin to the other side of the laundry pile at Noah’s Ark–where it wasn’t in the way of traffic anymore.  My change-averse employers had a conniption they got so nervous and testy, that they made me move it back–to the middle of an isle-way.  Get this, so that people could find it.  That’s the ethos of grumpy veterinarians for you.

The veterinary profession as a whole does not like things indexed in a different way than they are used to.  Every decision has been in effect for as long as that vet has been there, which is anywhere from three to 40 years.  Sure, vets love it when you are a go-getter, and train yourself, and follow lists and count everything come inventory time–but heaven help you use that same OCD to dare tabulate anything differently than they’re used to or *gasp* move something!  They do not condone change–in any way, shape, or form.  I hope when I own my own business I will exculpate the go-getters trying to better my practice, instead or having a hizzy-fit.

I should calm down this rant a little though, because my Cat’s Meow eval was not only good, it was excellent.  They were appreciative of most everything I do, disregarded things I thought might be seen as flaws (monitoring anesthetic) and at one point, my boss said I was the best employee right now.  Mostly because I’m not jaded and I do not stand around and gossip, but also because they like my general skill-set and work ethic.  I satisfy the job requirements and go above and beyond on a regular basis.

I have always had an unparalleled work ethic.  My mom is passionate about her teaching career and loves to spend every waking moment honing her teaching.  My dad had to do hard, physical labor his whole life.  He hated it, yet was loyal and hard-working to the extreme.  He showed such dynamism at work that he was always the most depended upon.  I inherited/learned these stellar traits.  My efficiency at work is great, because I am always moving.  I am productive to the extreme.  Every job has taken notice of not only my proficiency at the job, but at my force, vigor, and strength at achieving it.

So even though it’s mostly the bad things and criticisms that stick in my mind, I should slake my hostility, because for the most part they all really like me and pardon most questionable or negative things I tend to worry about.

Another good thing about the performance review is the raise I was granted.  Obviously they remit any true ill-will toward me, because they are recognizing my value monetarily.  If nothing else moderates my annoyance at the negative things they had to say, the fact they are quenching my need for more money will do it!

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