Cabin-Mansion + Vocab

27 Jan

Mary is so undecorated as a gay that the community was always trying to fix her up with eligible bachelors–despite the fact she was already married to a woman.

After I moved to Missouri I hardly ever heard from Mary except when she offered some stern warning not to be too “out” in college or suffer the consequences.

More than once, Mary painted a bleak picture of what could happen to known gays from not getting accepted to veterinary school, to not being able to own a business, to getting bashed–her words terrified me and kept me in the closet.

After I came out to Kim, Mary locked me in the bathroom and instead of consoling me about this austere, life-altering realization, asked me not to tell anyone about HER.

Once Mary sent an e-mail out-of-the-blue telling me of my parents conspiracy to give away my cat, Holly–they had put a “Free to a good home” poster at Dayton Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Of course I was angry and dismayed at my parents’ insurrection, but I had no way of getting the cat to Missouri to live with me–I was in the middle of a semester, had no money for a flight, couldn’t pay to have her shipped, and didn’t know anyone going from Nevada to Missouri.

At first Mary offered to help get Holly untangled from my parents’ sedition, by flying her to Kansas City when she came for a vet conference.

I guess the offer was fallacious, because then she acted as if I was asking for too much and like it was a terrible bother.

It was the easiest solution, and I was desperate so I tried to get Mary to bring Holly when she came–and learned the offer had been only illusory, when Mary became mean, saying I was being selfish towards Holly if I had her fly on a plane with Mary.

Mary’s spuriousness pissed me off, and I countered that attack with a “Never mind, don’t trouble yourself.”

Then she lectured me for my lack of propriety in copping an attitude, saying she didn’t have to be nice at all.

Except I only lost my decorum, because it was Mary who had suggested the plan in the first place!

Mary never liked it if I lost my modesty, got too comfortable with her, or questioned her authority.

Even when I came to live with her at the Cabin-Mansion, Mary never disabused herself for completely changing her mind about Holly.

She was still holding a grudge against me, refusing to correct any mistakes she had made.

I should have known after that the mentality I was working with, but I hadn’t undeceived myself about Kim or Mary at that time.
The other reason Mary contacted me at all in Missouri was to offer her dogmatic opinions on various subjects.

Despite telling me to get a job at Noah’s Ark to help my chances of getting into veterinary school, she became imperiousabout me quitting and finding employment at the vet school.

Mary would also write when her NASCAR driver won a race, saying she had the most peremptory pick and my driver was a loser–if I dared talk trash when MY driver won, Mary would promptly become belligerent.

The other reason Mary ever e-mailed me was to talk trash about someone I knew–she was masterful in judging others, and told me how Lana cheated her, my mom tried to give away my cat, how Shaun, her sister-in-law was a liability, and how Dayton was narrow-minded.

Mary’s correspondence was always abrupt and borderline rude, and though she sometimes wrote me she was always emotionally impregnable.

I think Mary was impervious to everyone, including her immediate family, her wife, and her inner circle–I have doubts she really opened up to anyone–I certainly never saw it.

The public really likes Mary, but behind closed doors she was quite acidulous about people.

She was so piquant about running into people that she parked behind the hospital where no one could see her, refused to stop at the store on her time off, and generally hid out when she wasn’t working or at a social function.

As for Kim, I only received one or two e-mails in the six years I lived in Missouri–both convoluted in spelling and grammar.

At the time, I didn’t realize it, but now I think she used intricate sentence structure because she was probably drunk when she wrote.

Her elaborate letters really only talked about sports or some other inane topics–nothing very substantial.

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