Eminem + Vocab

3 Feb

Marshal Mathers likes to provoke people and says a lot of things just to antagonize certain people, and the audience as a whole..

Mathers’ presence is so catholic, even people who live under a rock have heard of him.

When Em explains away some of his beefs, his reasoning is cogent most of the time.

Who can blame someone like Em, who grew up in poverty, for his cupidity for money?

As coarse as the lyrics are, Eminem writes with eloquence and explains a lot of things about his life.

Eminem’s voice is unique–endemic to him.

It seemed Eminem was an instant success, but the gestation of his career was a long one.

His characteristic facial expression is a glower.

“8 Mile” was a semi-autobiographical movie about Marshall Mathers’ inchoate career.

It is expected that Eminem utilizes the typical rapper jargon and street slang in his music.

Eminem talks about the knell that follows his Uncle Ronnie’s suicide.

My favorite Eminem songs are the ones where he explains his douch-y behavior and laments about past tragedies.

It’s funny when Em lampoons Dr. Dre or his producers.

Like all rappers, Marshall Mathers must employ a lapidary the way he sports his bling.

I would be completely leery at an Eminem concert–it’s probably a bunch of thugs.

Marshall employs such legerdemain as name-dropping, making up stories about famous people, and featuring other popular artists in his songs to sell records.

Even though Eminem must be rich, he has never become lethargic–he is quite prolific as an artist.

You can tell his daughter Hailey, makes him luminous.

Eminem portrays his producer as a martinet–but I’m pretty sure there is no controlling Mathers.

I suspect a lot of the lines in his raps, especially about celebrities, are mendacious–though I believe the things he says about his own family.

I would never want to meet Marshall Mathers in person, because I imagine he’s quite mercurial.

Numerous groups have been militating again the rapper’s career since he became popular.

I’m sure Eminem is responsible for several neologisms.

As a neophyte rapper, Eminem had to struggle against inverse racism from the predominately black  rap community.

I think Em gets a big kick about nettling his adversaries.

Listening to the nuances (and blatant messages) in Eminem’s music could certainly contribute to homophobia, masochism, and ignorance.

The singer practices numismatics in the sense he collects America’s money after selling a record number of albums.

Em is obstinate in his beefs–he holds a grudge forever!

Eminem has permeated the culture with his raps.

Eminem has said numerous disparaging remarks about “faggots” so it seemed a little plastic and contrived when he did a duet with openly gay Elton John.

He can go on tangents and prattle about his many beefs with–well, everybody.

Even the shortest precis about the artist probably mentions a lawsuit of some kind.

Not having a supportive family, dropping out of ninth grade, and abuse problems have probably left Eminem a puerilepersonality that doesn’t know how to deal with life in a mature way.

Though the lyrics can be obnoxious and hateful, I think they are very personal and well-thought out rhetoric for the most part.

Eminem seems a sardonic type-using negativity to vent his pain.

Mathers has a soporific touring schedule that caused him to bun out for awhile.

The songs are meant to be listened to at stentorian parties or gatherings.

I don’t think Eminem employs any sneaky stratagems to get back at his enemies–I think his up front about getting revenge.

Eminem’s wiki entry is long and tome-like because of his commercial success and his legal struggles.

Some of Em’s success is credited to his trenchant observations, and his discourse on politics and current events.

I picture Em as a wily sort of guy who can’t really back up his big talk.

Luckily for him, Eminem”s career is yoked to Dr. Dre’s.

Religious zealots, feminists, and the gay community as well as assorted celebrities and relations rail against the content of the lyrics.


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