Moving + Vocab

3 Feb

It’s not that I want to abase Seattle, and especially Aurora Veterinary, but it just wasn’t for me.

I have a feeling we can aggrandize our financial and employment positions and augment our dreams now that we’re outside the hustle of Seattle.

I try to respond with alacrity at work, but not knowing where things are placed is a huge stumbling block.

Our neighbors have already started antagonizing us with their constant loud noise at night–but at least they are not IN our house.

You would think sitting at home unemployed would get banal in a hurry, but the constant financial stress was a good deterrent.

I liked greyhounds, but the bevy of neurotic owners that AVH had turned me off of the breed.

When I start a new job I try to jump in where I can, help do what I know, and be candid about what I don’t know–every hospital is different.

Shared housing was the big catalyst for our move across the state, but our jobs, the pretension of the city, traffic, and more were factors.

I wish employers would call references, so someone else could corroborate that I am a knowledgeable tech and good worker.

I started out in a depressed state, but the declivity went even faster once my housing situation became less than desirable, my car broke down, and I started to hate my job.

The Seattle mentality includes an unwavering pride of the city despite problems, rabid environmentalism, disregard for outside opinions and ways of life, and a severely liberal point of view, among other characteristics that are endemic to those who stay long enough.

Moving is expensive, not having a job is scary, but the fact we moved toward the end of a month and bills were due on the firstexacerbated the financial worries.

Melissa became my friend after the first time I quit, and I felt like she helped exonerate me from my loser status at the hospital.

I have been running at a frenetic pace since I left Missouri April of 2009–I want to take it easier for awhile.

Since I couldn’t depend on a paycheck for almost a month, I had to practice major frugality–only buying necessities, and going without even those sometimes.

I could not be furtive about my dislike of the Emerald City–and the residents didn’t appreciate it at all.

glibly prepared for the move, payed for it, and learned my lesson to save more money next time.

I didn’t like the clientele at Aurora Veterinary Hospital–I felt they were hateful with me from the start, and it caused megrievous stress.

I only find out when my prior vet hospital is using a hoary method when I begin to use it at the new place.

Seattle would like to believe Spokane is an impious anomaly in the state with their lack of rabid environmentalists and pretension, but it is just more down to earth and hit harder by the economy.

Even though my dream of being a veterinarian is still inchoate, at least in Spokane I feel like I’m moving towards it instead of just keeping my head above water in Seattle.

After we moved to Spokane, and before we secured employment, we were inundated with bills.

There is no use lamenting over the past–I tried my best, used the tools I had at the time, and have to accept my new path in life–and a new time-line.

I can see how homeless people get desperate enough to commit larceny–being poor is scary!

I hope the low cost of living will allow us to live a more lavish lifestyle–soon.

Poor Kidron has to train during the swing shift but get up with me at the crack of dawn so she will be lethargic (and more than likely sick) in no time.

Though the weather was mild year around, the constant cloudiness of Seattle made me feel listless.

Beginning work at Cat’s Meow has marred my idea that Aurora was exceptional at following AAHA guidelines and laws–the techs were doing many things that they aren’t supposed to be doing–no wonder I didn’t know some of those things after 9-10 years!

I felt like everyone in Seattle, even those at my job, and even Auntie were militating against me.

Seattle’s shared housing was not for me, because I am somewhat of a misanthrope who would prefer never to see people.

I will appreciate some monotony at work now that I have experience over-booking, lazy co-workers, and otherwise chaotic conditions.

As much as the stupid neighbors nettle me at night, it is STILL so much better than Tabitha, the frat house, or living with Auntie!

The U-Haul and car rental companies are permeated with scams–most of the moving money went to these expensive entities.

The next door neighbors are plebeian, smoking on the balcony, getting drunk every weekend, partying all night, and shouting in the stairwell at inappropriate hours–real trailer trash.

Debbie next door loudly prattles on and on (outside her apartment) from 11 PM until she passes out at 2-3 AM.

I am motivated to have my savings proliferate at a rapid pace so I can buy a car and other needfuls.

Of course I am still restive about my future and have no intention of staying in Spokane for life.

Before she hired me, my boss asked if swearing offended me and warned me of her ribald nature–as if I didn’t have ten years of experience at vet hospitas!

Despite plenty of time off for moving, my desire for a fun vacation hasn’t been satiated–packing, driving, and settling in a new place as well as wondering if and when you will get a paycheck to make the bills is hardly relaxing!

I wish Cool could find some sinecure that gave her sweet hours and paid her well so she wouldn’t have to be so anxious and we wouldn’t have to worry about money.

I am naturally an early riser, so I wasn’t too terribly soporific when I had to wake up at 6 AM to get to work.

My boss might be impatient–what vet isn’t–but at least she doesn’t have the volatile temperament of Ev.

Almost as soon as I arrived, whether it was because I came under duress or because of the people I met, I unequivocallyhated Seattle–it just wasn’t for me.

Since we are so short of funding, I have become a zealot about our spending habits–really watching every penny.

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