Can You Blame Me for Being FRUSTRATED?!!

6 Feb

I tried to tell myself not to be bitter.  I maintained my integrity and probity throughout my college years, tenure at Noah’s Ark, and application process.  What do I care if other listless, (shit-heads) misrepresented themselves in order to succeed?  Things ended up working out for the best—even better than my original plan.  It still angers me that Mizzou accepts a deplorable caliber of (lying) people these days.

Don’t get me wrong—I think the school conducts its business with veracity and is stellar (or used to be, anyway).  Every veterinarian I have worked for has graduated from the school, and couldn’t be doing better.  They are smart, talented, and caring—excellent examples of the profession.  I look up to the people I worked for (maybe not in their personal lives) professionally.  Lately though, Mizzou is letting. . .  Just unsatisfactory people in!  I would like to talk to the crazies on the admissions committee, because they are obviously clueless.

I started to question them when “Katrina” entered into a class, when she didn’t have as much animal experience as me.  I felt we were equal candidates, except she was a year ahead of me in school and had already obtained her degree.  I felt I gave up my own spot in that class by getting her a job at a veterinary hospital.  She didn’t really work before that, and I kicked myself for giving her that advantage.  She was my friend though, and had fantastic grades, so I was happy for her.

When they let in one of the M’s, who portrayed herself all exactitude and fidelity, but really followed through with, and did as little as possible I was horrified the school couldn’t see through her prevarications of “hard, honest work.”  I saw firsthand how this Unaccountable M was treated differently in our college classes.  She lived in a “bubble” so to speak, where her attractiveness garnered her many perks that no one else had.  I thought the school was crazy.  While I would accept mediocre quiz and test grades, knowing that I got the questions wrong, and should of studied more, Unaccountable M would meet with the professor and nickel-and-dime extra points out of him.  I can NOT tolerate this form of deception!  I would never even have the audacity to ask–her answers were just as wrong as mine.  I felt mine was the more truthful way to complete a class.  Her connivery got her an A, while I got a C–so I guess she IS smarter, in a duplicitous way.

This M did nothing but attend college, until her Senior year.  A lot of veterinary students take this route, but it doesn’t make it right.  And the last year of college is a really late start for pre-vet students.  She hadn’t even done any clubs or sports in high school, probably because she is so flaky she is unable to stick with anything.  THEN, in an act of guile, she joined a lot of clubs, and took on 2 jobs (working minimal hours at each-12/wk?) in that last year just so she could write in on the application.  The worst part about this chicanery was she did not put much time into any of these endeavors, and she half-assed everything she did.  As a matter of fact, she worked 6 hours a week at one job so she could keep her housing, and worked only weekends at Noah’s Ark—though we were short-staffed and could have used her waaay more.  Also, I say worked, but really mean chatted with everyone while other people finished the tasks needing to be accomplished.  I forgot to mention she FAILED her freshmen college classes because she was too wild.  The vet school still let her in, while denying me.

The latest undeserving person, (that prompted me to write this blog) also worked with me.  I use the term ‘work,’ loosely.  This girl was late almost every weekend—not just 10 minutes, we’re talking HOURS.  She would offer some sort of artifice to explain away the lateness, over and over.  Then she would offer some lame canard only to do the exact same thing the next weekend.  She literally left work to go get lunch one Saturday and got high–on work time!  This is not conjecture, her and the other offending co-worker were open about how they were “pulling one over” on our employers.  AND she (they) came back to work (high) and sat there stoned.  Luckily (or un-luckily, depending on how you think about it), my employers are naive and didn’t notice.  They didn’t even have to offer any falsity or fib to avoid getting fired.  Just the kind of person you want making life and death decisions for your animals, huh?  She was always up to something, using trickery to deceive our kind employers.

During that time, she would also take random pills with alcohol on weekends (or whenever).  This happened on a few occasions, because she was so sloppy.  Once she was so messed up that she was wandering the streets, had to be carried to an apartment, than peed her pants!  This girl ended up quitting her job “because she didn’t want to wake up early in the morning.”  She never actually told her employers either—she quit through a phone call with a co-worker.

At school, she failed her first 2 years of college and dropped physics and chemistry cause she missed so many labs.  She had to re-take science in the summer, and (get this) her mom came to lecture with her—to make sure she made it to class!  This girl just got accepted into MU’s 2013 veterinary class.  What the FUCK??!

After letting these losers in, the school wonders why they have such a high rate of transfers, failures, and drop-outs.  Let’s see, 9 people in the 2010 class and 11 in the 2012 class!  When you only have a class size of 80 to begin with, that’s a huge deal.  It also means some person that wasn’t accepted to the school (me) got gypped.  Some etard that left those classes took my spot (I was on the alternate-list) and wasted it.  But really–what does the school think is going to happen when they let these people in their school?!  It shouldn’t upset me, cause hello, the veterinary school I’m going to is in a WAY better climate than the Midwest, but c’mon—is this for REAL?!

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